Solution to YouTube problem after jailbreaking your 1.1.4 iPhone / iPod Touch…

If you’ve been following the latest iPhone news recently you will know that ZiPhone is currently the most popular and effectively method of jailbreaking your iPhone / iPod Touch on firmware 1.1.4. However, some users have noticed after jailbreaking their iPhone, one major problem next arrives. The problem is with YouTube, whether it is loading, playing or accessing the videos itself, this appears to affect users in a number of varied ways.

Luckily, a keen iPhone user SpikeyMikey303 has found out a way to fix this without sacrificing your iPhone / Touch’s 1.1.4 jailbreak and have suggested it to iPhoneHacks. We’ve read the steps over at iPhoneHacks and if your device is already jailbroken for 1.1.4, you just need to download a file and go through a few steps to fix the problem.

If however you would like to jailbreak your 1.1.4 all over again, the steps and instructions are also available, click here to head over to iPhoneHacks for these latest instructions…

[via iPhoneHacks]

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If you’re an iPhone user you will have realised by now that a new software / firmware update: 1.1.4 for your iPhone has been released. The upgrade itself can be done directly via iTunes or via a direct single setup file which we provided a link to in one of our posts last week. However one of the main problem faced by most users if you update / upgrade was that your previously jailbroken iPhone no matter what version, presumably 1.1.3, would be bricked or locked once again. After about a week since release, we thought we’d catch up with what the latest option was for jailbreaking the 1.1.4, and after testing it ourselves, we felt choosing the ZiPhone tool would be the easiest and simplest to use.

ZiPhone 2.5 – a new release of the tool that can jailbreak and unlock iPhones through a graphical interface under both Mac OS X and Windows, has been released in an iPhone 1.1.4 compatible edition. This means that any iPhone with any firmware version including those that will be shipped with 1.1.4 out-of-the-box (OTB) can be jailbroken and unlocked. Users who have older firmware versions such as 1.1.3, 1.1.2, etc… and wish to use the utility should perform a “restore and update” process in iTunes to bring their iPhones to version 1.1.4 – remembering to backup any data or work on your device first though!

Here are two screenshots you might find useful…

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