Brothers In Arms Hell’s Highway

On February 5, 2010, in Gaming, by Fahad Majidi

Does anyone really need Brothers In Arm, the latest addition to PC teetering mountain of WW2-themed shooters? If Call Of Duty is the cigar-chomping sergeant, Medal Od Honor is the reliable machine gunner who’s done it all before, and Turning Point is the country bumpkin who gets killed in the first act. Which leaves Hell’s Highway as..Who? I am going to say the officious staff sergeant who everyone hates at first but grudgingly respects by the end. And here’s why.


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On January 22, 2010, in Gaming, by Fahad Majidi

So the high concept pitch is Motorstorm meets Burnout Paradise. Yeah, we know, but here us out. There’s a chance this won’t be some Frankenstein cut ‘n’ shut monstrosity, partly because turns into twinkling automotive gold. (You’ve got Grid, right?) And partly because, in aiming so high, there’s little chance of this being another middle of the road racer. Either it’ll live up to the hype and deliver a unique, massive, open world racer, or it’ll a spectacular can’t look but must wreck. Either way Fuel is definitely one to watch.


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