Are you the type of computer user who doesn’t really get up to much typing and instead use your computer mainly for entertainment purposes? If that is you, then you might be interested in this new wireless keyboard by Cideko that’s aimed at the so-called media keyboards niche.


While there isn’t yet any official info with regards to specs or pricing, it looks from the pictures a rather small keyboard set. What’s special is that the new Cideko wireless media keyboard also sports a mouse that you can operate in mid air, Cideko are quite good at making odd things happen.


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The new Nvidia Ion- Platform Acer Aspire Revo is now available for pre order, not surprisingly through the popular online shopping giant – (in the UK). Four different packages of specs to choose form, price tag of the Acer Aspire Revo ranging from GBP £179.99 (USD $267) to GBP £329.99 (USD $400). While its possible to pre order now, the official release date of the Aspire Revo will be 18th May 2009.

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