Sony has announced the upcoming release of the VAIO NW series PC notebooks. The new VAIO NW series is only 1.2-inch thick, making it a direct competitor against thin laptops such as the Macbook Air.


The new VAIO NW series notebook computer features a quick web access button so you can get online without fully loading up your PC. It is also designed with unique tactile features such as a subtle textured surface applied across the cover and inside, and has an HDMI output for easy HD entertainment. Its environmental credentials are hard to miss with a one-touch “DISPLAY OFF” button and compliancy to the stringent ENERGY STAR 5.0 standard.

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We only spoke about it a week ago and now LG has officially announced their latest flagship – the LG Arena KM900 at the Mobile World Congress 2009 in Barcelona. I know some have been asking us when exactly the Arena will be available in the UK, we can now confirm that it will arrive very shortly next month! Meanwhile, we’ve got an official demo video of the new and very exciting 3D cube user interface (UI) for you to see right after the break.

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Hope you’re having a good morning so far. If you’re a Google Android T-Mobile G1 user, then you’re about to have an even better morning! Not long ago, we showed you a video of multitouch on the G1, well now it could about to become reality for your G1. Because Gizmodo has over the weekend released an excellent guide on how you can (hack) enable multi touch web browsing on the G1, it doesn’t appear to be a difficult process and everything you need for this quick DIY will be available at the Gizmodo link below. Oh and by the way, it is free, just because I hate it when people try to exploit these guides and make it into one page websites charging people loads for it.


[via Gizmodo]

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The default web browser that powers the T-Mobile G1 isn’t a poorly designed browser. As you will know the G1’s touchscreen has some highly competitive features and makes navigating web-pages almost as smooth and as easy as with the iPhone Safari browser.

However, this hasn’t stopped Opera from barging in. Following on word that Opera was working to port their proxy-server-assisted Opera Mini browser to the Android platform, the folks have now finally launched their browser alternative through the Android Market. Opera Mini 4.2 beta for Android is now available for download and brings with it the usual fare – proxy-server parsed web surfing, skinning, bookmark sync, full-page view, and more.

Opera Mini 4.2 beta on the Android-powered T-Mobile G1 is everything you’d expect from Opera’s reputation for being a lean, mean web-parsing machine. Web pages load nice and fast. Web pages are processed through Opera’s proxy servers, so that page-rendering times are limited only by Opera’s super-fast servers. The proxy-servers push fully-rendered web-pages faster than any mobile browser tied to a handset’s CPU.

If you don’t mind it being still in beta and want to try it out on your G1, click on the Opera source link below to download it now…

[via CNET, Opera]

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