Apple has released the wallpapers which it will be including within its new Mac OS X Snow Leopard. This is to allow its users to start thinking about which one they fancy putting on their desktop, I personally would not mind seeing them on my desktop so I would be alternating them around every half an hour or so 🙂

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Sony Ericsson has come clean on what new name they’ve decided to change the Idou to, the Satio. Sony Ericsson’s 12 megapixel iPhone killer Idou

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Check out some of the strange and wonderful wallpapers Microsoft have thrown into the latest release candidate of Windows 7.



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When are desktop folder icons not just icons?… when you arrange them together to form something like this!

Homer Simpson and Spider Pig…

Ever thought about creating a wallpaper from your desktop icons?

If you’re looking to create something like this yourself, might I suggest you will need either a rather large monitor or have your system set to very high resolution!

Here are some tips by the way…

Start placing your folders/icons/whatever, always on a row and rendering the subject matter from top to bottom to ensure that no text from the icons on the top rows overlaps the icons on the bottom rows.

[via Techeblog]

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