For those who have been reading our gadget reviews for sometime, you will know that we’ve reviewed similar products to the Sony ICF-C8WM clock radio before, most notable is the Philips Wake-up Light. However the ICF-C8WM clock radio is quite different in terms of function and purpose. Its not a wake-up lamp as such but should be considered as more of a radio clock with additional bonus features such as support for your portable music players and Sony Ericsson Walkman phones.

We have had a quick look at it and some of its major features while it was here briefly and here’s what we thought of it…

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Here’s a quick unboxing gallery of the recently launched Sony ICF-C8WM clock radio which we received from Sony earlier last week. Sony Ericsson fans will definitely fancy taking alook at this kit as it charges and plays music directly from your Walkman phone. We’re due to have a full review later this week…



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Check out some quick hands on photos of the new Sony Ericsson W995 or W995a which has recently launched worldwide as well as the UK.


If you’ve been looking for an all round multimedia, music orientated phone equipped with WiFi, bluetooth and a good high resolution camera, the W995 does have a nice 8.1 megapixel camera with flash making it a strong alternative for anyone who doesn’t fancy being stuck with contracts like those of iPhones’.

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Out of all the latest Sony Ericsson concept phones (unofficial by the way) featured below, the P905 has to be my favourite, not just because it is the only one out of the lot that has Google Android but just look at it! J. Havarlant from Sony-Ericsson-CZ is the designer behind the sexy Sony Ericsson concept phones below. His slew of Sony Ericsson concept designs for this Christmas includes some exciting additions to the T, P and W series.

The T903 Rugya. This one is a sleek slider with red highlights. It sports a 8.1- megapixel camera and is inspired by the gorgeous Rugya car. The P912 boasts of a single large screen with only two buttons on the face. What makes the touchscreen P905 very interesting is that it proposes an Android platform, looks like a smooth iPhone but hosts a side-slider QWERTY keyboard.

Besides a huge touchscreen, there is nothing much to write about the SE P902 Retro. However the musically inclined will appreciate the W905, which is a Walkman phone. Sporting a large Slider screen, it also has a 5.0-megapixel camera and quick easy-access buttons on the side.





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