vzw-blackberry-storm-leftThere was a rumor about the possbility of launching a next gen BlackBerry Storm 2 with WiFi on Verizon Wireless some time ago, but this was thought by most as a joke at first. However, sources have now confirmed that the rumor was in fact true. The BlackBerry Storm 2 will launch on Verizon with WiFi, obviously for far more greater connectivity and faster web browsing. I personally believe WiFi has been the single most importantly let down for the Storm, otherwise it would have been a far greater device with much more popularity. Sources also confirm that the next Storm, Storm 2 has a new screen technology, which aims to make typing easier. It is believed that the Storm 2 will be launching around September time, which makes you think – BlackBerry has reduced the cycle time of its first full touchscreen device to less than a year, they must be in a hurry!

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As you may recall, Sony’s latest VAIO P series is packaged with the Gobi chipset which is more than capable of running on both HSDPA and EV-DO for connectivity. Unfortunately, Sony (just US?) has chosen to block HSDPA access and has locked the super lightweight, pocketable notebook to connecting only via a Verizon Wireless EV-DO connection. But now, thanks to blogger tnkgrl, Sony’s restrictive plans are now virtually non-existent and those without a VZW contract will not have any problems at all when looking to connect via HSDPA. Tnkgrl has successfully hacked the HSDPA on the VAIO P, allowing it to be utilized by those not afraid to void a warranty on the $900 machine.


Click on tnkgrl’s link below, where there will be links to instructions on this mod and also some more pictures of the process.

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