Google URL shortener gets its own website

On October 1, 2010, in New Sites, Tips, by Mike Jefferson

How many times did you want to shorten an URL before you can send it to someone? URL shortening is quite popular nowadays especially on sites such as Twitter because it can save your character space. You probably know that there are many different URL shortener service available, but did you know that Google service has got its own website?

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In the last few days it seems Google has upped its translation services by allowing users to upload an entire document for translation into different languages. In the past Google’s translation services have only supported snippets of texts or entire web pages by entering a URL and choosing the source and output languages.


Now this added function will definitely benefit alot more users who hope save time and get more out of translating their content. The only concern at this point is that the results are in HTML format as opposed to the format of your originally uploaded file. So if you upload a spreadsheet you won’t get a translated, downloadable spreadsheet in return.

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Its Saturday June 13th, and you know what that means guys, pick your Facebook username day? Aka Facebook vanity URL day, if you forgot it was today, you better hit the link below and pick the name you would like to be in your new Facebook profile page url quick as its already been going on for hours (since 9pm PST)!

facebook-logoFor those that don’t know what this is all about, Facebook have already had several attempts in the past to properly organise the look of their URLs, ie horrible looking ones like: This is likely to be the last time Facebook will be thinking about making any changes to its users’ profile page URLs. The downside to this is that users on Facebook will need to race to pick their desired name ie:, and that name can be anything you like! Although Facebook’s own staff have already had the first chance to pick their favourites before anyone else, there are definitely plenty more to choose from.

The below are the few rules you will need to adhere to before you head off:

  • After you pick your name, you can’t change or transfer it so be wise and keep it short is what we would advise!
  • Usernames much be in basic text, at least 5 characters long, and include only alphanumeric characters (A-Z, 0-9), or a period or full stop (”.”).


Here’s the link you need:
Technorati Profile

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