Smooth glossy jet black with rounded corners and the words MacBook Pro in white in the centre, wouldn’t you wish you actually saw this at PCWORLD? It turns out our friend Umpa who showed us his idea about a new possible iPod Nano design had more ideas in his mind, click to enlarge picture…

An even larger size is available over at Umpa’s Flickr Photostream

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After the leaked possible next gen iPod Nano silicone cases, here we have something completely different. Just an idea, these pics were found by Gizmodo from Flickr, created by someone in the name of Umpa.

While some absolutely hated the former candy bar thin design of the iPod Nano, it seems a few did appreciate it and want it back, though these are just ideas and would probably show no correlation (or would it?) as to what Steve Jobs will unveil. Nevertheless it’s worth pointing out, that Umpa’s thinking into the new iPod Nano design seems to ‘fit’ into silicone cases we showed yesterday, pure coincidence?

[via Gizmodo]

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