Virgin Media which I stopped using over a month ago has always promised super fast broadband speeds of up to 50Mbps. However this has also always been subjected to certain limited areas within the UK. First just let me work out for you what that speed means, I’m sure all of you will have streamed or downloaded films at some point. If you had broadband that was capable of speeds of 50Mbps, its enough to download around 6 megabytes every second. That means a 5GB HD movie will download in less than 15 minutes, that’s stunning!

Now Virgin has decided to share their super fibre optic speeds and technology with the rest of us and to get that going they have chosen a brand new broadband modem that will be just as impressive. This new broadband modem has a gorgeous glossy black touch to its exterior and is unlike any gadget I’ve ever seen from a company that provides broadband! It’s not an all in one broadband modem plus WiFi router which explains why around the back there’s a single ethernet port, which will connect to a wireless router or direct to a PC.

We don’t know when this would be available yet, but first, we need Virgin to put us out of our misery and tell us the price!

[via Virgin]

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I decided to write this quick post because this is the type of site where you would think to yourself, you wish you had come across this before you clicked the check out button. Broadband Expert is the site I’m talking about, I wish I had come across it before signing up for my laptop’s mobile broadband last year.

I’m sure if you live in the UK, you will have seen and heard and thus become confused about the amount of free laptop mobile broadband deals that’s available on the high streets and also over the internet. Personally, I have noticed this ‘trend’ becoming increasingly popular since over a year ago and I must say some of these ads look extremely attractive, much more so than their terms and conditions.

Broadband Expert is a comparsion site, much like a few others which we have written about in the past, except this one is strictly aimed at comparing broadband deals. There are only a number of UK broadband comparison sites that I can recall from the back of my head but none of which that I know of, compares one particular interest that I’m keen on finding out. Free laptop deals, are they actually genuinely worth it or are they just another rip off?

At this site, i was able to compare a number of mobile broadband deals which at the same time offered free laptops, here’s a screenshot showing this page and because it’s me, I’m also abit picky about the design and whether it is user-friendly, so far, it appears to be well designed to me… (click to enlarge)

If you’re like myself and tables like the one above just gives you the headache and all you are interested in is just the freebie, it’s also got a comparison for the specs of that too…

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