We talked about the free one year trial release of Windows 7 (RC) available for download for all users from Microsoft on Monday. We’d just like to update everyone who have been interested that the RC is now up and accessible by everyone. While we (as well as everyone else) thought that Microsoft would allow the Windows 7 RC to run on users’ PCs after installation until the 1st of June, 2010, we’ve now learnt more about how this will work.

Essentially this downloadable free Windows 7 RC will be a ticking time bomb! Beginning on March 1, 2010, the operating system will begin an annoying ritual of shutting down every two hours! If you’re using one of the beta versions of Windows 7, the hourly shutdown game starts much sooner, on July 1, 2009!

For those who are not disturbed by this and don’t mind trying it out, the download link is below…


Find out more about Microsoft’s latest Windows 7 if you’re not too familiar with some of its latest features.

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Update (05/05/2009): The download link can is now available

Microsoft is to start offering effectively from tomorrow (5th May) all users free access to Windows 7 for one full year. Some of you who have friends that are MSDN or TechNet subscribers may already realise that they have been given this privileged access.

While this is only the Release Candidate (RC) version and will eventually expire on the 1st of June, 2010. The RC as you will expect is basically the finishing product and Microsoft presumably wants

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