I’m sure you will know what great hopes have grown on Microsoft’s next generation of upcoming Windows – Windows Seven. Every PC user is just wishing that Microsoft have learnt from the tremendous amount of poor feedback they have received from Vista. So far a good number of experts around the internet have already published what they thought about testing the demo version of Windows Seven and so far so good!

One of new major features people can’t stop talking about is the multi-touch touchscreen functionality (which will only be available in PCs with a compatible screen, mind you!), so that’s exactly what we’ve got a video showcasing for you today. Do tell us what you think of this new feature, are you hopeful or do you think it’s not worthing bothering?

[via CrunchGear]

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HP’s latest TouchSmart IQ series PCs along with others such as Sony’s new all in one VAIO desktops have probably been one of the few newest PCs on the market to become a major competitor for Apple iMacs. But what’s kept iMacs ahead of the game in my view is that they’re designed by Apple to function smoothly and faultlessly with Mac OS X (as well as Windows), having said that users often try to tweak their way through so that they can get the best of both and here is an example of that.

Aaron Nelson from Hijinks Inc. has written a few steps on just how he did the whole process on his HP Touch Smart IQ507, the video below shows him booting it up and demonstrating a few tasks on the TouchSmart’s touchscreen.

Unfortunately, the touchscreen is almost completely ‘out of touch’ and requires some serious calibrating. In addition to that, there seems to be some hardware issues as well. He has to disable the on board audio every time he logs in, so that the keyboard and mouse will be recognised. Apart from that, browsing the web and using the TouchSmart’s built in card reader doesn’t seem to cause any trouble.

So there you have it folks, iMacs threatened? Maybe in the future but for now, there are still some related compatibility issues that needs to be first addressed. But if you’re interested, feel free to hit the link below to check it out!

[via Hijinks]

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It looks like the HTC Touch HD’s title for being the only HD mobile handset in the market won’t last very long. Another Softbank related news for you folks, Softbank and Sharp have teamed up to release the FULLTOUCH 931SH. It’ll have a large, 3.8-inch touch screen with a resolution of 1024 x 480. The phone comes with a 5.2 megapixel camera, along with GPS, HSDPA, accelerometer, bluetooth, a fascinating magnetic compass and because it’s going to be used in Japan, on-board support for wireless payment systems -very neat!

No word on pricing and availability at the moment, most certainly though, the 931SH won’t be coming to anyone else that doesn’t live in Japan. But we’ll hopefully have more info and photos for you on this latest handset soon.

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You may have seen some of the very attractive pictures of the new RIM BlackBerry Storm within our quick review, now here’s a first look, hands on video of the new flagship. Though I’m an iPhone user, I do think there are a few features which make the BlackBerry’s first full touchscreen smartphone special, like horizontal sms typing (without needing to pay for an additional app), copy and paste feature and the neat clock feature when docked.

Check out the video and see for yourself, love to hear your comments!

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You’ve seen some of the pictures and features of the upcoming latest touchscreen phone Krave ZN4 from Motorola, now we’ve found a few videos demonstrating what you will expect from Motorola’s new UI which will be appearing in the ZN4…

This one demonstrates the messaging interface which has pretty fancy function and looks alot like an iPhone:

Web browsing, offers portrait and landscape view, but nothing special to note:

Camera and photos management, the ZN4 does offer more camera and photo functions than the iPhone but it’s not exactly amazing:

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We don’t often speak about Motorola on this blog but we thought the new Krave ZN4 had some merits. The Motorola Krave ZN4 is supposed to be one of the first full touch screen phones from Motorola to be launched through the major US carrier, Verizon. Many blogs have said that it has a call quality that is “typical Motorola excellence”. Furthermore, the Krave ZN4 is much easier to text with and is accurate to touch. The handset is packed with live digital TV, the VCast Mobile TV along with a MediaFLO tuner, a complete HTML browser, and a much faster internet access with EVDP Rev A. In fact, the phone looks quite similar to the Chinese-based MING series which some will have heard of.

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When Apple came up with its revolutionary horizontal slide to unlock the iPhone’s screen, it clearly made a lot of people without iPhones jealous. Now Google Android is doing something similar but not entirely the same, much more fuzzy just to unlock a screen I would say! Users need to challenge 9 dots and they have to swipe their finger on the right way to unlock the screen!

According to reports, users need to configure the pattern at least using 4 dots combination or up to 9 dots, it means there are 389112 of combination possibilities… Check out the quick video below, what do you think? Seems fun but has Google overdone it?

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