Samsung’s recently revealed five new large Touchscreen LCDs measure in at 32″, 40″, 46″, 70″ and 82″, all of them from large to small will be part of the TS series. The new shiny touchscreens are based on MagicInfo technology, which can be used for information stands and presentations for which you’ll have to link all these together to experience the data at a mammoth size. One thing is for sure, no body will mind having any of them in their living room, even the smallest 32″ – isn’t actually that small when you think about the quality that it is capable of delivering! No word on pricing or when we will see them hit the stores as yet.

[via GearCrave]

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Like a few other high street brands who have worked together with mobile firms in an attempt to produce a stylish ‘brand name’ phone, Hugo Boss has now decided to follow the same route. The Hugo Boss phone will be based on the Samsung F480. The functionalities of the phone will still remain the same (5.0-megapixel, touchscreen, HSDPA) but the internal software like the icons and wallpapers of TouchWiz interface has been changed to Hugo Boss style and also preloaded with a collection of ringtones from Hugo Boss. As pictured, there will also be a Hugo Boss bluetooth headset go with the phone. The Samsung phone itself has been said to hit Hugo Boss retail outlets in Europe by this December, just in time for Christmas.

[via IntoMobile]

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You will remember we recently featured a video review of the BlackBerry Storm, here’s a another video which is quite interesting, comparing the BlackBerry Storm’s browser with that of the iPhone 3G’s (Safari). The BlackBerry Storm has a clickable touchscreen which is probably one of my favourite feature on the RIM phone although the major issue I have with it is the lack of WiFi.

Whilst the iPhone 3G does have WiFi and fancy Apple patented drag to zoom functionality, etc… As you will know Safari isn’t the most stable app on the iPhone, nevermind being the perfect browser.

Video below…

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Gallery: Unboxing LG KC910 Renoir

On November 19, 2008, in Cell Phones, Featured, by KLS

You’ve seen the gallery and video of the LG KC910 which we featured recently, now here’s yet another one which features its elegant packagings get unwrapped. Though I’m not sure why LG decided to call it Renoir (a French painter I believe), it certainly has lived up to my expectations as the successor to the Viewty. Check out the gallery and you’ll see what I mean…

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Have you found typing on the iphone difficult? Ever thought something could be done about it, apart from slimming down so that your fat fingers can shrink abit (I have!). With iPhone’s tiny touchscreen keypad, it makes typing emails or messages extremely hard and time consuming. This deivce called the BTleyMini, has been designed to solve the above problem.

The BTKeyMini is a bluethooth keyboard which is designed for iPhone and iPod Touch. Using your iPhone’s bluetooth connection, you can sync the keyboard shown above with your iPhone thus no wire is required. There is also a flap on the keyboard which is presumably there to hold the iPhone in place.

Although the BTKeyMini sounds promising and convenient for texts and emails. I don’t think there are that many people that type so much on the iPhone to the extent that they would want to carry a separate keyboard along with the iPhone. Some businessmen might do but then most of them also have laptops and netbooks these days.

[via Coolest Gadgets]

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Video: Review of BlackBerry Storm 9500

On November 12, 2008, in Cell Phones, by KLS

We’ve talked quite abit about the new BlackBerry Storm has it was first unveiled, you will also remember we featured a hands on first look at the phone last month. This week we received an update from Tom over at about their latest review of the new flagship and we highly recommend you watch it (below), it’s got great detail on some of the features which many were hoping to find out more about.

For example, RIM’s clickable touchscreen technology which really is quite something if you know how difficult it is for these to work properly. Also like we mentioned before, on the BlackBerry Storm you can create texts in the horizontal or landscape position without having the install an additional paid application, for some odd reason Steve Jobs never thought of this on the iPhone. The user interface and additional functions like GPS all seem to work pretty well, however the major downside in my view is the lack of WiFi which means you’re having to rely on HSDPA via Vodafone.


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I’m sure you will know what great hopes have grown on Microsoft’s next generation of upcoming Windows – Windows Seven. Every PC user is just wishing that Microsoft have learnt from the tremendous amount of poor feedback they have received from Vista. So far a good number of experts around the internet have already published what they thought about testing the demo version of Windows Seven and so far so good!

One of new major features people can’t stop talking about is the multi-touch touchscreen functionality (which will only be available in PCs with a compatible screen, mind you!), so that’s exactly what we’ve got a video showcasing for you today. Do tell us what you think of this new feature, are you hopeful or do you think it’s not worthing bothering?

[via CrunchGear]

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