Turn and flat surface into 3D controller using Haptix

On September 23, 2013, in Gadgets, by Mike Jefferson

Motion control is getting quite popular, and if you wish to control your PC using hand motion, you should check out this device.

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This is a leaked image of the upcoming latest LG Arena KM900 touchscreen cellphone, which is apparently in production right now.


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In the video below, a user demonstrates a new and innovative way in which WarCraft III can be played on a multi-touch screen. This version of WarCraft III is a demo especially developed by the PQ Labs, they developed a multi-touch solution that can be easily applied to any LCD or Plasma monitors and are calling it the Multi-Touch G² or iTable.

Multi-Touch is not just about multiple fingers. It’s all about human-computer interaction in the most intuitive way. In the Multi-Touch Warcraft game powered by PQ Labs, finger and fist are mapped to different actions. Hitting the enemy with your fist means attack. In between the real world and the virtual world, Multi-Touch is your bridge. You can physically interact with the virtual world without menus, commands. The interface just disappears. With PQ Labs Multi-Touch technology, the interaction becomes a “REAL” digital illusion.

Wasn’t that quite something? What’s even better is that we now know PQ Labs will be showcasing the Multi-Touch G² at CES 2009, Las Vegas soon and we’ll hopefully see it available to the public shortly next year.

[via PQ Labs]

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