Anyone who has ever used a laptop will have this question, why on earth does the battery deteriorate after a few charges so quickly? What’s the solution? How do they claim to offer so many hours of battery life when I could only managed about 80% of what’s claimed? LaptopMag recently got a chance to interview two expert scientists from Lenovo and HP who specialises in this field of technology, if these guys didn’t know it

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iPhone 3.0 has settled in quite well in my view and I am sure many have been more than pleased to see Apple finally give the iPhone features such as copy and paste, MMS, landscape mode typing, Spotlight search, push notifications and many more. But did you know that actually there are some “hidden” functions that weren’t announced?


You may have figured out some of them yourself already but there are actually quite a few of them. I wouldn’t like to call this a secret but rather just tips and tricks to using the new iPhone OS 3.0. Check out the full list after the break…

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