Check out this absolutely fantastic top list of addictive games by Laptoplogic. We all have bad moody days from now and then where we just don’t find ourselves doing anything productive. If that’s you from time to time and just want to go blank and waste time, then you might like to take a look at this list, this could be especially useful for those of you having exams at the moment!



The games below range from puzzles, to fishing and hang glider, we’re sure there will be at least a few that would suit your mood to wasting time 🙂

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Skirmish Assult - A Flash War Game

Skirmish Assult is a mini flash paintball war game I found on ImageFly, a great way to spend your time when you don’t have much to do! The aim of the game is just to shoot paintballs non-stop using your mouse as quickly as possible and take out as many enemy targets as you can! It gets more and more tricky as you advance to later stages when enemy targets appear quicker and instantaneously on both sides of your screen!

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