If you’ve got a lawn on an uphill incline, you’ll know the difficulty of lawn mowing, especially if its really steep. This latest in hybrid technology remote control lawn mower by Evatech has been designed to tackle this problem, not only does it allow you to sit back, relax and let it do the work for you but it also saves you fuel because its a hybrid!


Every manufacturer is on about hybrid technology these days so why can’t lawn mowers? With over 40% efficiency on fuel compared to standards, this remote control robotic mower can climb inclines as steep as 75 degrees, surpassing any other mowers of its class. This makes it incredibly fun and safe to mow through steepy grass lawns efficiently, watch the video after the jump and see it in action…

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Samsung has officially announced its latest 12 megapixel camera phone, the Samsung Pixon 12. Having failed to show at this year’s MWC, the Samsung Pixon 12 features a 3.1-inch AMOLED touchscreen, 150MB of internal memory (up to 16GB MicroSD expansion), HSDPA, Wi-Fi, internal GPS and Bluetooth. The Pixon 12 also has the ability to take 720 x 480 pixel videos at 30fps.

samsung pixon 12 2

More details after the break.

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If you’re a serious gamer, you’ve probably been feeling slightly left out all these years without a phone that properly “clicked” with what you love the most. Now all that is about to change. The latest Sony Ericsson Aino has got everything you’ve been missing in a phone.


The Aino is a slider phone with a large three inch touch enabled display screen with 16 million colours. Running a modified version of Sony Ericsson’s phone OS, do not dare to mistaken the Aino with the likes of business orientated smartphones as it is exactly the opposite.


Running a feature familiar to PSP owners known as Remote play. The Aino has been equipped with the privelge to allow its user to connect to his / her PS3 from anywhere around the globe. With the Aino, all the content on your PS3 is at your fingertips.

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Hope everyone is having a good morning so far, we’d just like to start this bank holiday Monday with some facts about Blu-ray Disc technology which some may not already know.

Did you know that:

  • Blu-ray can hold 32 times more audio than DVD
  • Blu-ray can support eight separate channels of audio
  • Blu-ray can deliver better-than-cinema quality sound

Check out the graphics below in which Sony explains Blu-ray isn’t just about seeing quality but also hearing it as well…


Thanks to Lucy for sending this in!

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pc-pro-optical-discClaims have arised from a group of Australian scientists that they have come up with a way so that up to a whooping 10TB of data can be stored on a single disc. The team from Swinburne University of Technology, Australia, have successfully added “the dimensions of colour and light polarization” to our already existing technology in DVDs giving it massive boost to its maximum storage capacity.

These new discs will be capable of storing 10,000 times more data than our current DVDs, so far they have already been able to achieve 1.6TB discs and these could be on sale through Samsung within the next five years, as a deal has already been snatched. In addition to that, 10 TB will eventually be possible but we’ll need to look further ahead – next ten years.

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Sony has announced the development of its super tiny penny-like high definition (HD) camera module. Already now entering mass production, the latest in digital technology MCB1172 8.3-megapixel camera module is astonishingly small, smaller than a £1 coin measuring in at just 9.5 x 7.1 mm. Likely to turn up in a range of products later this year, the potential for Sony’s future products to have HD recording capability is overwhelming.


The MCB1172 from Sony Europe’s Image Sensing Solutions Division will have the ability to deliver 720p, at 30fps, it further includes movie stabilisation, face detection, autofocus and motion autofocus. There’s also a high sensitivity mode and a slow-mo function, delivering 120fps as well as the option of 16x zoom.

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Having achieved the world’s smallest PC title with the first generation Fit-PC, CompuLab have been making good progress with its second gen Fit-PC2. This time, the Fit-PC2 has been boasted with Intel’s Atom processor, making it another Acer Aspire Revo competitor. As you can imagine, the latest Fit-PC2 carries on with its predeccesor’s tiny build. Equipped with Atom Z530 1.6GHz or Z510 1.1GHz processor and Intel’s US15W SCH chipset as well as GMA500 integrated graphics.


The Fit-PC2 has 1GB of RAM, a 2.5-inch SATA hard drive bay and a miniSD card slot. Also included is a HDMI HD output port. Connectivity wise, the Fit-PC2 isn’t bad at all. In addition to ethernet LAN, there is also built-in WiFi 802.11g which is exactly what we all like in a proper nettop. There is no doubt CompuLab have created yet another thoughtfully designed Fit-PC.

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