Gallery: Supercharged supercar Hulme

On February 13, 2009, in Auto Tech, by KLS

We’ve been craving at some brilliant supercar pictures today. The Hulme CanAm costed its developer Jock Freemantle a mortgage to his house to build and thankfully development has of the supercar has gone well so far and it will go on sale next year if everything continues to go smoothly. The Hulme will be available in both closed-roof and open-air versions, with a Corvette Z06-sourced V8, this lightweight package is a 640 horsepower powerplant!


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If you don’t know much about RipSaw (pic above), it’s basically an untamed beast-like supercharged, all terrain tank. The name RipSaw really isn’t a joke, you would never want to stand in the way of something which can easily rip through fields, snow, water, mud, you name it! RipSaw?s 650hp engine can drive it from 0-50 in 3.5 seconds, with a top speed of 80 mph, over just about any possible terrain. And now, it’s been modified, no longer does anyone need to sit inside this beast to control it, thanks to some new GPS guidance…

Watch the video after the break and you’ll see some variation in the different versions of RipSaw tanks that these guys have created so far and check out the new RipSaw II!

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