Solar gadgets: Sterling Multi PowerStation 5600

On September 14, 2009, in Gadgets, by KLS


Designed by the Japanese to help those who need power the most at times of natural disasters, the Sterling Multi PowerStation 5600 is a multi-equipped, emergency lifesaver device that gives you a combination of hand-crank-powered-dynamo LED light, AM/FM radio, three rechargeable AA batteries, and adapters capable of charging most cell phones and portable devices.


Though we don’t usually think about needing these handy gadgets in the UK, this torch could come in handy on outdoor trips such as camping. More importantly for those in other parts of the world where earthquakes occur frequently, this is extremely useful.

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Stealth Computers has launched their latest addition to the rugged portable computer line up. The NW-2000 (NW stands for Notebook Warrior by the way) is one special rugged laptop, not only has it been well equipped with plenty of protection but on board is actually a convertible tablet notebook with a resistive, 13.3-inch touchscreen display.


Running on Intel’s 1.06GHz Core 2 Duo CPU, the NW-2000 has 2GB of RAM (4GB maximum), a 160GB shock-mounted hard-drive (or optional SSD), WiFi a/g/n, Bluetooth, gigabit ethernet and GPS, optional HSDPA, a standard DVD burner, PC card slot and fingerprint scanner.


In terms of how tough this tablet laptop actually is, the NW-2000 has a spill-resistant keyboard and can cope with being dropped 91cm onto a wood-covered concrete surface 26 times in succession without suffering any impairments to its functionality.

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Latest solar gadgets: Suntrica SolarStrap

On August 3, 2009, in Gadgets, by KLS

Just recently spotted by our friends at GadgetVenue is this newly introduced wrap around portable device solar charger known as the SolarStrap. We love solar chargers here at GadgetLite mainly because these gadgets are so useful when it comes to powering portable devices for absolutely nothing and they are relatively environment friendly compared to others.


As you can see in the picture, Suntrica’s new SolarStrap has been designed for portable use allowing you to charge your device (eg phones, portable music players, etc) while you’re on the move. You can wrap it up using its velcro around rugsacks, luggages or anywhere where you think there may be sufficient exposure to sunlight.


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USB gadgets: 4-port solar charging hub

On June 17, 2009, in Gadgets, by SSC

This is a USB 4-port hub integrated with a solar charger, which will let you charge usb enabled devices. In addition to being a solar charger device, this 4-port USB hub also works via AC power.

USB Solar Charging 4-Port Hub

The USB solar charging hub comes with six mobile phone connector adapters allowing you to make the most of the natural energy source that you’ve got this summer!

Full features and specs after the jump…

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