We only told you about the possibility of seeing a next generation BlackBerry Storm, the Storm 2 earlier in the week and now it seems that rumor has been confirmed to be true. RIM’s Alain Segond von Banchet, Channel Sales Manager in the Netherlands has confirmed the release of the Storm 2. It will be due later in the year, for Europe: late ‘09 or early 2010! What the sales manager wasn’t being so honest about was whether the Storm 2 will be upgraded with WiFi, despite this, it seems very obvious that this hardware update will be inevitable if RIM wants to continue to compete with its rivals using the Storm 2. Hopefully we’ll see more info of the successor of the first BlackBerry full touchscreen mobile soon.


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vzw-blackberry-storm-leftThere was a rumor about the possbility of launching a next gen BlackBerry Storm 2 with WiFi on Verizon Wireless some time ago, but this was thought by most as a joke at first. However, sources have now confirmed that the rumor was in fact true. The BlackBerry Storm 2 will launch on Verizon with WiFi, obviously for far more greater connectivity and faster web browsing. I personally believe WiFi has been the single most importantly let down for the Storm, otherwise it would have been a far greater device with much more popularity. Sources also confirm that the next Storm, Storm 2 has a new screen technology, which aims to make typing easier. It is believed that the Storm 2 will be launching around September time, which makes you think – BlackBerry has reduced the cycle time of its first full touchscreen device to less than a year, they must be in a hurry!

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