Iomega has released the StorCenter ix2-200, a NAS (Network Attached Storage) device that includes built-in torrent, Apple’s Time Machine support, bluetooth-based uploads from phones, remote access and its in a neat, earth-friendly green package.


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Hands on Sony DSLR Alpha 500 (A500)

On August 31, 2009, in Digital Cameras, by KLS

Last week Sony announced the launch of their next in the line Alpha series DSLR cameras, the Alpha 500 and 550 (see the press release after the break). To be out from the end of October this year, the DSLR-A550 and DSLR-A500 digital SLRs are based around new CMOS sensors with added manual focus confirmation live view mode using the main imaging sensor, in addition to Sony’s secondary-sensor Quick AF live view system.


Both cameras feature Sony’s better noise reduction, include an Auto HDR mode and offer sensitivity of up to ISO 12800. The 14.2 MP A550 features a higher resolution 921k dot 3″ tilt-angle LCD, while the 12.3 MP A500 comes with a 230k dot resolution 3″tilt-angle LCD.The pictures below are the first hands on photos taken with the Alpha 500 by the folks over at Pocket Lint.



Though stepped up and improved, I think its a smart decision for Sony to keep the tilt-angle LCD as I have personally found it too useful when I tested previous models myself. See more photos after the jump…

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SanDisk yesterday unveiled what they claim to be yet the world’s fastest SDHC cards. The latest in technology new Extreme III SDHC series will come in 4/8/16/32GB capacities and will boast speeds of up to 30MB/second! These specs will be perfect for those looking to get more involved with HD video recording but have so far been annoyed by the lack of speed when it comes to transferring large video files.

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pc-pro-optical-discClaims have arised from a group of Australian scientists that they have come up with a way so that up to a whooping 10TB of data can be stored on a single disc. The team from Swinburne University of Technology, Australia, have successfully added “the dimensions of colour and light polarization” to our already existing technology in DVDs giving it massive boost to its maximum storage capacity.

These new discs will be capable of storing 10,000 times more data than our current DVDs, so far they have already been able to achieve 1.6TB discs and these could be on sale through Samsung within the next five years, as a deal has already been snatched. In addition to that, 10 TB will eventually be possible but we’ll need to look further ahead – next ten years.

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The SD Association (the people who brought us the popular SD flash memory card standards) at this year’s CES have announced a new memory card specification called SDXC, where the two letters behind SD stand for “eXtended Capacity”.

The specification is quite amazing, providing up to 2 terabytes storage capacity and accelerates SD interface read / write speeds of up to 104 megabytes per second, with a road map to 300 megabytes per second.


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