Samsung first showed off their latest HMX-H106 full HD SSD camcorder back at the CES earlier this year, now its officially available worldwide. To refresh your memory, The HMX-H106 features 10x Optical Zoom with Schneider’s Varioplan-HD lens, full HD (1920 x 1080) with Time Lapse (interval recording) mode in 720p, a 4.7 megapixel (2880×1620) CMOS for still photos, a Schneider Wide angle lens offering a wide angle view of 37 mm and a 64GB SSD (and SD card slot) which should make it quite pleasant and quiet for filming.

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There isn’t yet a netbook from Apple at the moment and as you will be able to recall on the post in which we wrote about netbooks which were capable of running Mac OS X, only the Dell Mini 9 and MSI Wind achieved full scores. That’s why there is now a proper guide released from Gizmodo showing you how you could install and run Mac OS X on your Dell Mini 9 and hackintosh it into a proper Mac netbook (or mini MacBook?). So before you get started, you will need to make sure you have the following.

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Dell yesterday has unveiled a much improved new Latitude, the Latitude XT2. The new Dell Latitude XT2 is a tablet pc which features a multitouch screen! Also with better performance, enhanced security and improved manageability than the previous generation.


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You will have heard about the amazing latest Asus Eee HTPC all in one multi media keyboard earlier on at some point during last week. Now the specs have finally been revealed! Still no word on pricing though, I wonder how much it will actually cost when it does come out as claimed, in three to six months time.

So without further a due here are the specs you’ve been waiting for…

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We’ve talked quite abit of CES 2009 all this week and that has dried out most of our brain juice! As you know this year’s CES is almost coming to an end. Of course, we weren’t able to cover everything. CES is always that time of the year when we are super excited about seeing all the new and emerging technology, gadgets but we hardly have enough time to show you them all. So we’ve decided we won’t do a weekly roundup like usual this week, because it’s actually been an all CES week. So in case you’ve been away for a few days, here’s a quick roundup which we’ve put together of some of the hottest new gadgets featured at the CES 2009 this week.

CES 2009: Blaupunkt and miRoamer to bring internet radio to cars

Lenovo IdeaCentre 600 – the thinnest all-in-one PC

CES 2009: ASUS T91 – 1 inch thick Eee PC touch netbook

Video: ASUS gives teaser of folding origami laptop concept at CES 2009

Now official: Sony VAIO P Series – world’s lightest 8-inch netbook

CES 2009: Sony unveils world’s first internet enabled camera – Cybershot G3

Download Windows 7 Beta for free now!

CES 2009: 2-Terabyte SDXC memory cards announced

Gallery and video – hands on LG GD910 watch mobile phone

CES 2009: LG showcases enterprise touch smartphone – Incite CT810

The ones above were the ones we covered while all the others have come from larger blogs! If you want to start from day one, we suggest you scroll to the bottom of this page and start reading from there. Of course, we don’t expect you to read everything here, unless you were mad! This list we think are already the very essence of CES this year, though we only left out a few which we felt were rubbish… Penultimately, I think we will come back and have a flickr through some of these and talk more about them because I don’t think I’ve read even 70% of these yet!

CES 2009: VidaBox Room Client HD

CES 2009: iRiver Mickey PMP

CES 2009: Velocity Micro Fuzebox HTPC Video Demo

CES 2009: iRiver P7 PMP Video Demo

CES 2009: Viliv S5, S7 and X70 Atom MIDs

CES 2009: Velocity Micro NoteMagix M10 netbook & M5 MID

CES 2009: Qualcomm Snapdragon Android prototype

CES 2009: iRiver WAVE HOME Video Demo

Electronic Cigar: Marlboro Man Enters the Digital Era

SATY Mosquito-Repelling MP3 Player Has Built-In Breathalyzer Just Because

Seen at CES: Panasonic’s Wall of HDTVs is the Most Beautiful

Optoma reveals HD8200 and HD808 HD projectors

MiniWIZ debuts solar-powered Solarbulb lamp / bottle cover

Anybots rolls out QA, the telegenic telepresence robot

LG’s new X120 netbook with Splashtop-powered instant on

Phillipe Starck’s Zikmu Parrot Wi-Fi iPod Speakers Are Even Prettier in Person

HDi’s Dune Blu-ray Players Have BitTorrent Plus Insane Codec Support

Ford Sync Developing API For Voice-Controlling All Your Smartphone Apps From the Driver’s Seat

SanDisk’s G3 SSDs Deliver 40,000 RPM Speeds Without Breaking the Bank

CES 2009 – SanDisk 64GB Ultra Backup USB Flash Drive

Palm Pre’s Amazing Wireless Touchstone Charger

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Sony has come out with its VAIO P, the world’s lightest 8-inch netbook at just 1.4 pounds. It is a Vista running netbook, something we don’t see quite that frequently. It’s powered by a 1.33GHz Intel processor and comes with 1,600 x 768 resolution LED-backlit XBRITE-ECO LCD display, 2GB RAM, up to 60GB hard drive + available 128GB SSD, 802.11n WiFi, 3G WWAN, Bluetooth, battery that provides four hours working (can offer up to eight hours with the optional high-capacity cell) and a GPS module. Color options include garnet red, emerald green, onyx black, crystal white and classic black hues.


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You will recall not very long ago, we were sent the fantastically glossy, super lightweight, latest netbook from Dell, the Inspiron Mini 9. It’s taken us some time to review fully in detail, but as you will see in our review below we think Dell has done a great job in bringing us this netbook,

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