Good news to fans of solar gadgets, LG’s new mobile phone, the GD510 may appear to look like any LG phone running S-Class UI but in fact its secret lies on its back. The GD510 will apparently have an optional solar panel that will replace the battery cover and can be used to charge the phone’s battery. We are yet to find out how exactly this mechanism will be achieved, but it sounds like this won’t be an accessory you will find on unboxing.


The phone comes with a 3-inch WQVGA touchscreen display with a resolution of 240 x 400, a 3-megapixel camera, and a 8GB of storage space to store your captured pictures or videos. The LG GD510 will be available beginning in mid-October in Europe, it will be interesting to know if this solar panel will in the future be compatible with other currently existing LG phones.


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Solar gadgets: Sterling Multi PowerStation 5600

On September 14, 2009, in Gadgets, by KLS


Designed by the Japanese to help those who need power the most at times of natural disasters, the Sterling Multi PowerStation 5600 is a multi-equipped, emergency lifesaver device that gives you a combination of hand-crank-powered-dynamo LED light, AM/FM radio, three rechargeable AA batteries, and adapters capable of charging most cell phones and portable devices.


Though we don’t usually think about needing these handy gadgets in the UK, this torch could come in handy on outdoor trips such as camping. More importantly for those in other parts of the world where earthquakes occur frequently, this is extremely useful.

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With the media, politicians and businesses focusing on being more green and eco-friendly, there’s been a big boom in green gadgets. I review eco-gadgets daily, so I’ve collected together the most popular green gizmos that I’ve reviewed on EnviroGadget in recent months.

So let’s start with a piece of jewelery. The Pulsar Solar Watch is a pretty new development in the world of watches that are solar powered. Rather than worry about expensive and potentially mercury-based watch batteries, the solar watches contain a rechargeable battery. The internal battery is charged using the solar cell on the face of the watch. Impressively, a fully charged watch will last up to 6 months without needing another charge! The watches are not too expensive either, which means you won’t be raiding your piggy bank to buy one.


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