Available for order now online is this new piece of furniture which we feel best suits those who are rather well off 🙂 It’s LED equipped and is known as the Ripple.


Using 480 super-bright white LEDs and 24 active and passive near-infrared optical sensors that provides illuminating feedback when objects such as a cups are placed on top of it. You’ll be able to find an on / off switch hidden on the underside of the table, and a cord that plugs into any standard 110v household outlet. Really neat and cool but does it do much else? Sadly, no…

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Hands on Sony DSLR Alpha 500 (A500)

On August 31, 2009, in Digital Cameras, by KLS

Last week Sony announced the launch of their next in the line Alpha series DSLR cameras, the Alpha 500 and 550 (see the press release after the break). To be out from the end of October this year, the DSLR-A550 and DSLR-A500 digital SLRs are based around new CMOS sensors with added manual focus confirmation live view mode using the main imaging sensor, in addition to Sony’s secondary-sensor Quick AF live view system.


Both cameras feature Sony’s better noise reduction, include an Auto HDR mode and offer sensitivity of up to ISO 12800. The 14.2 MP A550 features a higher resolution 921k dot 3″ tilt-angle LCD, while the 12.3 MP A500 comes with a 230k dot resolution 3″tilt-angle LCD.The pictures below are the first hands on photos taken with the Alpha 500 by the folks over at Pocket Lint.



Though stepped up and improved, I think its a smart decision for Sony to keep the tilt-angle LCD as I have personally found it too useful when I tested previous models myself. See more photos after the jump…

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If you’re someone who employs a robot like automatic hoover vacuum system for your home, you might be interested in this latest invention from Panasonic. Fukitorimushi is the latest in floor-cleaning robots, unlike many that you may find up for sale these days, this autonomous robot does its thing in a rather creepy way by crawling around like a worm despite it using a highly efficient tech savvy cloth to keep your floors spotless.


Technically, the Fukitorimushi sports sensors that allows it to detect dirty spots on the floor. Fukitorimushi’s body is covered in Teijin’s Nanofront cloth, which is made of polyester filament fibers measuring 700 nanometers in diameter. Though this sounds remarkably hard to believe, this means it is about 7,500 times thinner than the average human hair. The nanofibers significantly increase the fabric’s surface area, giving it superior wiping characteristics and the ability to absorb oil and ultra-fine dust particles less than one micron in diameter. The large surface contact area also increases the fabric’s friction with the floor and makes it resistant to sliding.

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Apart from netbooks which are gaining a substantial popularity over regular sized laptops in the recent years. Gaming laptops have also been popular, most likely because of their advantage in being able to move abouts whenever necessary. What we have below are two of the latest gaming laptops revealed by Acer and Clevo at the CeBIT this year.



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This latest NASA rover concept robot is being developed at the California Institute of Technology. It is an autonomous robotic rover stuffed with wireless computing sensors in a cylindrical body which NASA hopes it will be able to maneuver over all terrains, from steepy climbs to rocky mountains and deepest caters, basically wherever man wouldn’t reach safely. Check out the video below…

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