Demoed on video: Google Squared

On May 13, 2009, in Technology, by KLS

As we mentioned briefly yesterday, Google Squared is one of Google lab’s latest technology in the making. Google Squared extracts data from web pages and presents them in search results as squares in an online spreadsheet for the user who is doing the search. TechCrunch was at the Searchology event, check out the video demo of Google Squared below:

Google Squared is launching later this month in labs. Google Squared returns search results in a spreadsheet format. It structures the unstructured data on web pages. So a search for Small Dogs returns results with names, description, size, weight, origin, etc., in columns and rows.

Google is looking for data structures on the web that imply facts, and then grabbing it for Squared results. “It takes an incredible amount of compute power to create one of those squares,” she says.

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Google has announced three new enchancement to its search engine at their event called Searchology: Google Search Options, Google Squared, and Rich Snippets. The aim is to give searchers new ways to filter results based on factors like timeliness, result type such as image or videos, or a desire to see search results in visual form.


With Search Options, the results page gives you more options and allows you to show and hide options. It is hoping that this feature will provide more useful results and a better search experience for its users.

Google Squared is the newest addition to Google Labs. It will be available later this month. Google Squared allows searchers to create a spreadsheet based on Web results. Users can filter the data accessed through the Google Squared search, request additional categories to create a custom spreadsheet with the results that matter the most to them, and even fact-check the results by accessing the source of the data as well as alternate sources.

The third product announced is Rich Snippets, which show extra metadata in results, things like user reviews and the cost of products.

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