Phonemaker Sagem has partnered with Puma to unveil the Puma Phone at the MWC 2010. Let’s face it, both these brands aren’t new but neither are they the most popular in the field that they both respectfully belong to. Over the past few days, Puma has been unveiling more and more video ads of the Puma Phone’s idea and now the device has finally been unveiled.


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This week, Sagem the mobile firm which not everyone knows alot about, announced that they have managed to embed a whole GPS receiver into a traditional sim card. This is extrememly exciting news, because the result of this technology would mean it could be possible in the future to bring GPS functionality into any phone. I suppose now the next step is the need to have a GPS software or application which could be globally supported in order to be able to exploit this further.

Here’s a quick quote from our source, find out more from the link below!

The primary purpose of A-GPS SIM is to provide accurate positioning information of the phone to emergency services in case of an emergency call as required by E112 and E911 legislation in the EU and the U.S. respectively. In addition to this, it can support generic location-based services such as navigation, ‘find a place or person’ services, location-aware games, and many more.

[via cellular-news]

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