Check out some leaked pictures of the Motorola RUSH 2, one of the four phones Moto said late last year that they would be depending on to bring them back into the game (where they didn’t literally say it). For now, the pictures only indicate that they will be arriving the US, as its got a Verizon badge on it but who knows where else it might turn up. To me I don’t believe this will be an expensive phone, neither do I believe Motorola will be able to put a big price tag on it by the way it looks. No offence to any Motorola fans but the RUSH 2 as pictured doesn’t look like the prettiest phone compared to lots others on the market at the moment, but maybe it sports some exciting technology?

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Looks like Motorola’s plans to surprise everyone with a new line up of shiny phones have now been abolished and leaked into the online community. Some say this could possibly be Motorola’s last chance and final attempt at regaining a greater share of the mobile market compare to what they have left now. At the moment, the only details are that these phones will be arriving through Verizon in the US and that the RUSH 2 will be hitting the scene first in Q1 2009.





[via BGR]

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