Portable NES mod runs old NES games

On April 1, 2011, in Gaming, Geeky, by Mike Jefferson

If you’re a retro gamer and you enjoy portable gaming, we’ve got a special treat for you today. The modding community has come up with a portable NES mod, so we had to check it out.

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Its been such a long time since I even heard anyone mention about this game. Some of you who have owned the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) in the past may have even had this game come with it. Though this version of Duck Hunt isn’t exactly created by the same developers who brought the original game to life on the NES, Duck Hunt on the iPhone is played basically in the same way, which is fantastic!


There are a few differences though, there is now a Nintendo 64 style joystick controller on the iPhone’s touch screen instead of the regular keypad the NES had.

And according to Venturebeat’s analysis…

Still, the game is missing four crucial ingredients. First, it doesn’t have the game’s classic dog to pick up the dead ducks for you when you shoot them and laugh at you when you miss them (the developers note this is coming). Second, the game doesn’t have any sound, so it lacks the great mocking laugh the dog makes (the developers also note that this is coming). Third, it doesn’t have the awesome Nintendo Zapper gun (sadly, this won’t be coming, so I can’t put it up to the screen and cheat). Fourth, I’m guessing it doesn’t have Nintendo’s blessing.

I guess the fourth factor is the most crucial, though the Duck Hunt iPhone version’s developers have already acknowledged Nintendo in their application notes and called their emulator the iPES for iPhone Entertainment System. This probably won’t be enough to keep it around, so if you want Duck Hunt for your iPhone, it would be a good idea to get it through the App Store when you can (for $0.99).

If you fancy checking out how well Duck Hunt plays on your iPhone first, then watch this quick video below…

[via Venturebeat]