Funny name and funny look, Hippus’ HandshoeMouse indeed does not look anything like your average computer mouse, but its odd looks does have a purpose. If you’re like myself and often find yourself just sitting in front of the computer multitasking, you can end up putting extra strain on your body just repetitively doing the same routine over and over again, everyday! In this case, the HandshoeMouse has been designed to reduce the chance that you’ll cause this strain to yourself, which is so-called, repetitive strain injury. The concept of the HandshoeMouse is much like the safetype ergonomic keyboard which we featured back in October of last year, where the typing position is changed rather awkwardly from the position we normally find ‘natural’.

The objective of the development was to realize to contour which allows for a relaxed hand position. The resulting shape of the HandshoeMouse fully supports the hand. Only a minor contraction of the muscles of the fingers is required to operate switches and srcoll wheel. Arms and hands remain in a relexed position.

Though the HandshoeMouse does come with a hefty pricetag of $120 USD, it has been I would say a thoroughly thought out concept, though like most medical or therapeutic gadgets of this kind, you don’t really know if it’ll work for you! HandshoeMouse comes in three sizes to fit your hand, it’s features include optical scanning of 800dpi, two ergonomically designed buttons and a scroll wheel, so really the pricetag is all about the design, nothing more fancy than that!

[via Engadget]

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I’d say this new keyboard design is probably the wackiest one I’ve seen, as you will see in the video, Safetype is ideal for those who suffer from arthritis of the hand, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and other joint problems relating to the hand. However, to be able to use this new ergonomic keyboard, you would need to be a pretty good typer because you won’t actually be able to see the keys as you type!

Here are some pictures taken from Safetype:

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