Here’s a nice video of a car (minivan) recently developed to be completely autonomous, only to be controlled by the iPhone iDriver app it is connected to. The Spirit of Berlin team (Berlin Racing Team) developed the iPhone app and used the platform which was developed for the 2007 Darpa Urban Challenge.


How does it work? The iPhone connects with the driving circuitry via WiFi and as you will see in the video this offers a gas button, a brake button, and a steering button to enable the accelerometer for turning.


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Got a spare netbook and some spare time? If you’ve been hooked up into the latest trend of downloading Windows 7 RC and testing it out, then it looks like here’s an opportunity to do the same, but on your netbook. John from Gizmodo has written a nice post on how you can install the recently released Windows 7 RC on just about any netbook.


The main problem encountered so far has been the fact that netbooks don’t have a disc drive and their small capacity SSDs don’t offer much help neither. The solution you’ll see if you hit the link below is that you’ll need to boot from a USB drive of at least 4GB of free memory and do make sure that your netbook has at least 8GB free from its SSD!

[via Gizmodo]

By the way, you’ll need to have already downloaded a copy of Windows 7 RC before you can begin!

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Check out some of the strange and wonderful wallpapers Microsoft have thrown into the latest release candidate of Windows 7.



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Update (05/05/2009): The download link can is now available

Microsoft is to start offering effectively from tomorrow (5th May) all users free access to Windows 7 for one full year. Some of you who have friends that are MSDN or TechNet subscribers may already realise that they have been given this privileged access.

While this is only the Release Candidate (RC) version and will eventually expire on the 1st of June, 2010. The RC as you will expect is basically the finishing product and Microsoft presumably wants

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