Google+ is now open for public

On September 21, 2011, in Social Networking, by Mike Jefferson

Not a long ago, Google introduced its social network Google+, but it was accessible only through invitation, and now, after lot of testing, Google+ is now available to the public, so everyone can now join without an invitation.

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Google Profiles going public on July 31st

On July 13, 2011, in Social Networking, by Mike Jefferson

If you have a Google account then you probably have Google profile as well, Google has decided to make all of your profiles public online from the end of this month.

This shocking move will take place on July 31st, and after that all Google Profiles will go public.

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This week at the Computex in Taipei, Microsoft has announced that Windows 7, the next generation of Windows slated to be one of the world’s most popular yet, will be officially available October 22nd.


This is great news for those who have downloaded and have been trying out evaluation copies of the Windows 7 (above), more info right after the jump…

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How many of you still care about Windows Vista updates? While the team here at GadgetLite have switched to using Mac OS X for some time, we know that around 20.2% of you readers/visitors are Vista users, so I guess there is some point in telling you about this new upcoming Windows update. Microsoft has announced to the public about the release of Windows Vista SP2 for anyone who wants to test the latest update before it arrives on the Windows Updater.


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I know many of you are Twitter users, Twitter in general is extremely easy to use but if you want to make the most out of Twitter and go abit more advanced then this list of Twitter usage FAQ should be useful to you. I make no apologies for taking this from Digital Inspiration because that is why Amit has published it anyway, to help answer Twitter users’ questions. However, I definitely do believe that all credits for this wonderful list should go to Amit, so visit Digital Inspiration, if you are interested in more amazing long lists of tips like these.
Q: I am a blogger and want to cross-post articles from my blog into Twitter?

A: Go to FeedBlitz, type the address of the feed in the Subscribe box and choose Twitter from the subscription options. The other option is Twitter Feed but that requires you to have an OpenID.

Q: I know that TwitPic allows me to post pictures on Twitter but I want to use my existing Flick account with Twitter.

A: Go to TwitterGram and associate your Flickr name with your Twitter account. Now assign a special tag (say Twitter) and any picture that you post on Flickr with that Tag will automatically get posted in your Twitter account as well.

Q: I just ordered a laptop on eBay and the owner shipped it via UPS. I want to track this package on Twitter.

A: Follow TrackThis on Twitter and send this bot a Direct Message with your Airway Bill Number. You’ll be notified each time your package changes location. Works with FedEx, UPS, DHL and USPS.

Q. I want to add events in my Google Calendar using Twitter?

A: Go to Twittercal, add gCal as your virtual friend on Twitter and add events by simply sending direct messages to your new Twitter friend.

Q: Oh! I just saw a spam profile on Twitter that is using my picture and tweets. I want to report impersonation on Twitter.

A: Send a message to Twitter spam watch team at @spam with the suspicious user name.

Q: My Twitter friend just sent me a tweet in French. I want to translate his message into English.

A: Follow twanslate and send a direct message with the text you want to get translated along with the language code of the target language (en for English, fr from French, etc.).

Q: I want to use Twitter as a Gmail Notifier.

A: Create a new Twitter account and set the status of updates as “Protected” so that the updates don’t appear in a public timeline. Now subscribe to your Gmail RSS feed using FeedBlitz and become mutual friends.

Q: I want to use Twitter as an alarm clock to remind me that I have to pick my daughter from school in 30 minutes.

A: Follow timer – send a direct message with the reminder time and it will ping you at that time. For instance “d timer 30 pick daughter”.

Q: I want to use Twitter for ego surfing.

A: Go to tweetbeep and set up alerts for certain keywords and web URLs. You’ll get an email notification as soon as someone mentions you or your brand or your blog posts in their tweets.

Q: While I like the default Twitter search engine, I want to know about other alternatives.

A: Try Tweet Scan and Monitter. Unlike Summize, you don’t have to refresh the Monitter page each time there’s a new result matching your search query. And it support multi-column search so may track multiple keywords on the same screen.

Q: I want to conduct a quick and simple poll on Twitter. Is it possible?

A: Go to StrawPoll and create a poll. Your Twitter contacts can participate in the poll by simply sending an @reply message.

Once again, we thank Digital Inspiration for this great post.

By the way, you can also follow GadgetLite on Twitter too!

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Dubbed the Zero-Watt PC, don’t let this name confuse you as being a PC that consumes no energy at all to run. The machine is called Zero-Watt PC simply because it can be managed in a standby state despite consuming no power, as claimed by Fujitsu Siemens (FSC). No one but FSC knows exactly how this has been achieved, however we will soon find out as FSC will be bringing their latest environment friendly creation to the CeBIT show, where the Zero-Watt PC will get its first public outing. CeBIT kicks off on 3 March in Hannover, Germany.

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It wasn’t very long along ago that we learnt Microsoft’s latest operating system Windows 7 Beta 1 (Build 7000) had been leaked and had hit bittorrent allow thousands of people to start downloading. Not very long later even the trial for use limitation also got hacked. Now guess what? Microsoft is letting everyone have a piece of it, well 2.5 million of you that is and you can head over to download it now.

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