Rumors are hot regarding Sony Ericsson developing a brand new gaming platform which is surely going to give a strong fight against the likes of Google (though the irony is that this phone will be using Android). Everybody understands that gaming is going to touch new levels on Android platform and looks like it will be Sony that will define the totally different world of gaming on Android platforms. An Engadget mockup of Sony’s new PSP that might also have the features of a smartphone can be seen in the image below.

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PSP gets video downloads too with Go! View

On February 3, 2010, in Entertainment Gadgets, Gaming, by Fahad Majidi

You can now download tele from the BBC and Sky, along with movies to watch on your PSP with Sony’s new Go! View service. While we still wait for Sony to launch a film and TV download series for PS3, at least we have Go! View for PSP. The Go! View website offers TV shows and films for a free. The current line up includes Lost, Heroes, plenty of comedies and documentaries, along with sporting highlights from Sky Sports and a smattering of recent blockbusters.


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Gallery: Unboxing Sony PSP Go

On September 21, 2009, in Gaming, by KLS

Expected to arrive on time here in the UK in just under two weeks, the folks at Engadget gets their early demo of the new Sony PSP Go. Smaller and lighter than the current PSP-3000, don’t mistaken the PSP Go as the PSP2 but rather think of it as an enhanced version of the original.


If you’re interested in getting the new PSP Go, its already been available for pre-order from a range of shops here in the UK with price ranging from £209.99, check out some high quality unboxing photos after the jump…


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Gallery: Hands on Sony PSP Go

On July 13, 2009, in Gaming, by KLS

First announced a few months back, Sony’s new, more portable UMD-less sliding PSP Go will soon be rolling out in the US and the UK on the first of October. While those in Asia will see theirs arrive a month later. The hands on gallery below was done by the guys at Gamertell


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Video: Hands on with Sony PSP Go at E3

On June 8, 2009, in Gaming, by KLS

Now that everything about the new Sony PSP Go has been revealed. Here’s a hands on video from over at Gametrailers featuring direct from E3 2009 an interview with Sony’s Peter Dille.

Gran Turismo Mobile running on the device looked amazing, the PSP Go actually looks more comfortable to hold than I first thought, the quality of gaming looks as perfect as you would expect on the PSP 3000.

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The launch of the Sony PSP’s little brother, PSP Go has been confirmed this week at the E3. Indeed the PSP Go was agreed by Sony’s CEO Kaz Harai to be the worst kept secret of this year’s E3.

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Ahead of the official Sony E3 2009 press event which is when we’re meant to receive Sony’s word. It seems plans to continue its podium mark in the handheld gaming device market with Playstation have been leaked in advance. The PSP Go shouldn’t be considered as a replacement for the PSP 3000, but instead, a companion.


While specs are sketchy, you can check out what we do know so far after the jump. Images have revealed that the PSP Go will be slider based, completely UMD-less and will have an internal memory capacity of 16GB.

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