The clever Japanese researchers at the Brain Science Institute (BSI) Toyota Collaboration Center have done something quite incredible once again. Using a wheelchair controlled by brain waves measured using EEG, it’s basically a system that will control the ride using brain waves analysed every 125 milliseconds; therefore the name “mind controlled wheelchair”.


As you will see in the video to follow, testers using the wheelchair and the EEG cap system have achieved accuracy of up to 95% which is not a bad figure considering a high tech wheelchair like this may be used in place of current manual wheelchairs for patients who have had strokes or other significant mobility impairments.

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Sony have unveiled the BRAVIA Z5500, the newest member of the Motionflow 200Hz family. Like the BRAVIA WE5, the Z5500 also has a number of eco-aware features as well as an ethernet port for adding applicast RSS feeds and downloading widgets. The Z5500 also includes the energy saving switch that was unveiled with the WE5 model, check out the full press release after the jump.


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Video: Toshiba showcases teaser of TG01

On February 20, 2009, in Cell Phones, by KLS

Further stressing the TG01’s high quality screen, the new teaser shows you why the TG01 will be unlike no other. Like Toshiba tellys, it’s able to dim its screen to save battery or work better in varied lighting conditions, and also packs the same colour processing technology.


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