Zicplay Microkey mp3 players have been said to be the tiniest 1 Gb mp3 players produced yet. Zicplay Microkey Mp3 Player in BlackWhat is so special about it is that they are smaller than iPod Shuffles, do not require the use of iTunes and yet will also be available in a variety of shiny, attractive colours. Actually, the main feature is yet to come, Zicplay’s Microkey players do not have screens but have heat sensitive interface casings, which means you simply press its play indicator to well…play! Also its got built-in an equivalent amount of music storage capacity as the iPod Shuffle plus a Li rechargeable battery that can last up to 6 hours of music play time. Interestingly a relatively new piece of technology has been applied to this new mini-player,a cable that actually turns on the mp3 player when they are plugged inand hung around the neck giving the whole concept a ‘jewel’s design’ and a cool-elegant feeling for the person using it.

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Since the news about the new upcoming Nokia phones was announced late last month, we haven’t had much focus on two of the most speculated phones unveiled, the Nokia N95 8Gb edition and the Nokia N81.

Nokia N95 (8Gb)

If you are currently using the old Nokia N95 already, it may appeal to you that though this looks like the previous version of Nokia N95, this new 8Gb edition has had some slight alterations to its design to give it a more trendy look.

As you can see in the pics below, the new 8Gb N95 has a larger screen, 2.8 inch to be precise, as a result you may feel that the keys at the bottom of the screen have become squashed abit, however this hasn’t yet raised any major issues. Being a slider phone just like its previous, the multimedia keys which stand out when the sliding screen is pushed downwards have been redesigned to be more prominent and more accessible, increasing your ease of handling video and music play.

Here’s a reminder of how they compare, the original N95:

Nokia N95 (Original Edition)

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Apple iPod Touch

The new iPod has been spoken about in everyone’s conversation here in the UK, Apple this and iPod Touch that…woh…we britons are just as addicted to Apple as any other nation after all. I realise its already been in the press, in the news on tv and you readers out there probably know more about then i do! But ok, it doesn’t matter, this will just be a quick post with lots of cool pics and some main specs about the new iPod Touch.

So it turns out Apple will finally be launching an iPod with touch screen and WiFi, the new iPod will be equipped with a hi-resolution 3.5″ screen, Safari web browser, with its internet connectivity, users will also be able to directly download music via iTunes. The new iPod Touch does not have any buttons, music controls, everything is simply based on control via its touchscreen. However, if you’ve read up to this point, you may probably realise there is really nothing more to the new iPod Touch that iPhone doesn’t already have, except for the phone bit.

If you were to hold the iPod Touch, you will notice that it is thinner (8mm) in comparison to the iPhone, may be that is the main difference! In terms of pricing, iPod Touch will be expected to arrive the UK (and worldwide) by the end of the month. Roughly speaking, the 8 Gb version will cost approx. £150.00, while the 16 Gb will be £200.00.

If you haven’t seen the new iPod Touch’s ‘guided tour’ video, here’s your chance now:


Enough reading, have a look at these pics for a sec and see what the real thing looks like:

More on the new Apple iPod Touch and new Apple iPod Nano and Classic after the break…

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The pics below show the concept idea of a new upcoming multimedia device designed by Danilo Mangini called the “Lobster”. Strange look? Maybe so, but the name describes it fairly well, the segmented pieces of each module makes it easily recognisable as a lobster’s tail.

As you can see in one of the pics above, the “Lobster” isn’t just an mp3 player, it has quite alot of different ‘attachable’ functions too. The LCD screen in the middle acts as a base for the variety of modules that are plugged in, like cardiometer, etc…

Personally I think this concept is very unique, once this device gets on sell, people could separately buy new independent modules of their choice, kind of like getting add-on extensions for your Firefox browser :) , an idea maybe?
[via Gadgettastic]

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It’s been mentioned at Mashable, that it looks like Gmail’s storage will soon look to be evolving into a major competitor for sites that are currently offering free / cheap online file and multimedia storage. I mean, why shouldn’t it? With at least 2.8 GBs of free space in everyone’s mailbox just to store attachments and 1.0 GB for photos and pics, its no wonder why users like viksoe.dk have created tiny tweaks to make Gmail’s storage more accessible, as if it was a “real” online file storage system.

With Google’s new storage system being brought together, space from Gmail and Picasa can be further maximised, users who desire a more premium service can go for a checkout to purchase more space. Get addition 6 GB for $20.00 per year, 25 GB for $75.00 per year, etc…

With all this space available via Google’s services (even before a paid upgrade), might one of the first services to possibly increase their free storage space be Microsoft’s Skydrive (Beta)?


[via Mashable]

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Here is the latest in fashion accessories for the iPod Shuffle in Japan, it seems to follow the design of school bags which many Japanese primary school children use. This piece of accessory though has a bigger price tag than most iPod protective cases you would buy, it’s been claimed to be a perfect fit and is certainly a more attractive and competitive casing over ones you would be able to find on eBay for example.

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