I’m not a big fan of Palms but there’s just been some rumor going on possibly about a new Treo, called the Treo Pro. So I decided to look it up and surprisingly this new rumored Treo Pro actually looks quite stunning. Of course, you would expect a BlackBerry-like design, but if this is not a photoshop creation then might I say Palm fans should be in for a treat, it’s about time Palm!

Have a look at these pics…

Palm Treo 490x369

Palm Treo 490x389

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Have a look at this new ad spotted by PalmAddicts, if this is true and not a photoshop masterpiece then it looks as if Palm will finally be making a combat by introducing a new Centro!? Many feel hopeful about this, I personally haven’t been attracted to touching any Palms for quite sometime and it would be nice if this Centro 2 would have sliding keyboard hidden somewhere too! Does anyone else know anything about this?

Palm Centro 2 Leaked Rumor

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Photoshopped, Canon ‘cameraphone’…

On July 24, 2008, in Gadgets, by KLS

I don’t know if anyone has seen this, it’s been digged in quite a few other sites, but I had to show it here!

Canon Telephone Cameraphone Photoshopped

[via Fosfor]

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Thinking about creating a new logo for your blog or website? How about web 2.0 style! I love watching photoshop tutorials on video, it makes the whole learning process so much easier, enjoy!

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Very sorry for the lack of posting recently but I can assure everyone that everything is now back to normal!

What I would like to quickly introduce today is Adobe Photoshop Express, it’s now in BETA which means you can join and use its service or test drive it before signing up!

You can now test drive Adobe Photoshop Express BETA!!!

So what is Adobe Photoshop Express really? I think it’s fair to say it’s another online photo sharing or storage service / community like the ever successful Flickr. What you get from signing up at the moment is just 2 Gb, this may not be much for photos but I feel pretty certain that should increase pretty soon.

What you also get from using Photoshop Express are Adobe’s basic functions in editing and amplifying your images / photo which I have to say is not difficult and can be done without ever knowing about it in Photoshop.

But what I do like about the site itself is that it’s fast, doesn’t lag, runs smoothly when loading and browsing galleries, the slideshows are pretty cool. The integration that allows you to retrieve quickly your pictures off Facebook, Picasa and Photobucket seems to have been done well, though I’m sure there should be more other social sites to come. And most important of all, by signing up, you get your own subdomain at photoshop.com!

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I’m not a regular visitor of Mashable and I must say I normally don’t copy things off other sites for posting on my own but this was too tempting. Here what I have knicked from Mashable is a list of a few sites that offer effective online photo editing service for free, of course there is always abit more extra special effects available if you pay the upgrade price, but generally the free services have meant my requirements. I think the one that I use most frequently at the moment is Phixr.com, check them out and see what you think:


A.viary Phoenix – A.viary is aiming to launch a mind boggling number of online apps, but the first launch is Phoenix, their image editing software. Fairly robust, and shows an awful lot of promise. Unfortunately, currently it is in invite-only alpha mode.


FlauntR.com – Offers lots of effects separated in to different sections to make it jump to just want you want to do, such as photo editing in editR, or adding text in textR. Works in all browsers and moves fairly quickly.

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Found some exclusive photos of the iPhone running the recently rumored, latest v1.1.3 firmware upgrade. It’s been debated whether these are the actual or just fake photos created by the geekiest masters of photoshop. This is because some of the stunning features shown in the photos differ from what’s been rumored.

Some of the new features include:

  • Editing the iPhone’s menu:

  • Icon dragging! Dragging the mail and calculator icon is shown in the pics below:

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