Since the news of Nokia’s new N900 Maemo phone became official late last week, there’s been a huge influx of different images, photos and hands on videos onto the internet so we thought it was probably time to gather all of these to create one nice collection. For those who missed the news, the crucial part in our view is less so about the new phone but rather a new mobile operating system known as the Maemo by Nokia.


With every phonemaker trying to gain the edge with their own brand of phone OS, the Finns’ punch line for the Maemo is simple, the internet. The Maemo is very internet centred, in fact, behind the Maemo internet browser is a very familiar fast Mozilla’s engine.

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Gallery: Hands on new LG Chocolate BL40

On August 21, 2009, in Cell Phones, by KLS

lgblog-hands-on-lg-chocolate-bl40-16Our friends at the LGBlog recently got a chance to do a quick photo shoot of the latest to arrive the LG Black Label family. The LG Chocolate BL40 was officially announced in the UK last week, of course the one spec not to forget with the BL40 is its 21:9 ratio, widescreen display. Check it out in the gallery below…

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Thanks to you guys who sent in the press release on the launch of Samsung’s new dual LCD cameras  TL220 and TL225. Both cameras sport a 1.5″ front mini LCD great for those who like self-portraits, the dual are both based on a 12.2 megapixel sensor with 4.6x optical zoom capable of 720p quality video recording, the only slight difference is that TL225 has a larger 3.5″ rear LCD touchscreen display.


Check out the full press release after the jump…

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For the GC900 to bare the “Viewty” badge, it needs to live up and improve on the expectations which have been inherited from its highly reputable predecessor, the original Viewty. In this part of our Viewty Smart review, we’ve focused on testing the GC900’s multimedia features and these include music play, video play, camera and also video recording.


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The new Zune HD from Microsoft finally gets pictured. CNET’s senior editor Donald Bell explains to you what he liked and disliked after checking out the real thing for the first time. If you’ve been a faithful Zune fan/user all along, then you will want to check out the quick gallery below.


My own personal highlight from the photos below is that the new Zune HD actually looks very solid, and dare I say its not bad looking at all…

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Gallery: Hands on Sony PSP Go

On July 13, 2009, in Gaming, by KLS

First announced a few months back, Sony’s new, more portable UMD-less sliding PSP Go will soon be rolling out in the US and the UK on the first of October. While those in Asia will see theirs arrive a month later. The hands on gallery below was done by the guys at Gamertell


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Sharp has introduced its LE700 series LED TVs, using edge-lit LED backlight technology instead of CCFL. Unlike Sony, Samsung, Toshiba and Vizio, Sharp’s LE700 series have no local dimming function.


The lack of local dimming means that, in tests, the blacks in bright scenes won’t be on par with the best of those TVs above. The Sharp LE700 series lack both video streaming and use of Yahoo’s widget platform for services such as Amazon or Flickr.

More information after the break…

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