Late last week it was emerged that here in the UK, Orange has managed to snatch an exclusive deal with Sony Ericsson’s first Android OS powered device, the XPERIA X10 (white).

sony ericsson x10 android

The mobile operator today confirmed the white version of the eagerly anticipated device will be available from early April and will be free to customers on select pay monthly contracts. While both Orange and Vodafone UK will be selling the black version of the XPERIA X10, the white version will be exclusive to just Orange customers.

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Sony Ericsson has come clean on what new name they’ve decided to change the Idou to, the Satio. Sony Ericsson’s 12 megapixel iPhone killer Idou

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Keen on taking good pictures and HD videos with a mobile phone? The Samsung Omnia HD i8910 is now out in the UK, and we definitely recommend you head to your local shop to check it out. According to the sources we’ve looked at, the new i8910 appears to be available only via Orange at this point.


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It was a great opportunity for us to be able to take part in the launch of the LG Arena KM900 blogger event last night in London. We know from some of your messages that there’s been quite alot of interest in the phone since it was first announced during the Mobile World Congress (MWC), we’re happy to tell you all that the Arena will officially be available by the end of this weekend.

We were told at the event by LG Sales and Marketing Director, John Barton that the Arena will be arriving the UK mobile networks, Orange and T-Mobile, not surprisingly Phones4u and the Carphone Warhouse will also be involved in retailing.

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I don’t think there is any further need to dwell on what the BlackBerry Storm 9500 is or does because it has really had a huge amount of publicity. We’d just like to update you on some quick news for those in the UK who have been interested – the BlackBerry Storm 9500 is now available for pre-ordering exclusively from Phones4u. Phones4u won the bid for RIM’s latest flagship over its UK mobile market rival the Carphone Warehouse, so if the BlackBerry Storm is the smartphone you’re after, I’m afraid that will be the only place where you will be able to take out a contract for it.

In terms of the current contract offer that is available from Phones4u, it’s a two-year contract, in which you will receive the BlackBerry Storm complete free. As you will know the only network in which the Storm will be available is Vodafone. What you will receive with this 35-pound per month deal is 600 inclusive minutes and 3000 texts! In addition, what you get for pre-ordering from Phones4u is a free 8GB memory card for all sorts of application downloading, videos and music, etc… In addition to the free memory card, you will also receive unlimited internet and email access plus six months free Vodafone Find and Go.

We are aware that there is also another offering on promotion for the BlackBerry Storm 9500, we’ll have details of that tariff for you soon. Phones4u states that for those who decide to pre-order, their orders will be aimed to be dispatched by November 14th, which I suppose if you pre-order within the space of this week then you are likely to receive your Storm by early next week. We’ll keep everyone updated of more news!

Hit the link here for more info on the offer mentioned above…

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News: Nokia N85 now out in the UK

On November 3, 2008, in Cell Phones, Latest News, by KLS

Nokia’s latest N series two way slider handset N85 has now arrived the UK. Along with the very prestigous N96, this has probably been the next in line most looked forward to latest handset from Nokia. If you remember, we featured a N85 hands on video back in September, for those who have since been captured by its charming appearance (OLED display!) and excellent functionality, you might like to know the Nokia N85 is now available (as of 31/10/2008) via Dial-a-Phone.

Though we received messages earlier on that Phones4u would be the main distributor for it here in the UK, we have as yet not seen any updates, but we’ll keep you updated on this matter.

Currently, Dial-a-phone has the Nokia N85 on offer for free from Orange on an 18-month contract for £35 a month. Included with this is also a special offer of three months half price, a free magic number and each month you will receive unlimited texts in addition to 600 tariff included minutes.

For more complete detailed review of the N85, we recommend you check out this link here.

Also see our previous gallery comparing the Nokia N95 with the Nokia N85.

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I’m sure you’ll be aware that we’ve been talking lots about the upcoming Nokia smartphone, N96. Here’s just a quick headsup to say that it’s been spotted (I mean the arriving date) on both UK mobile giants’ sites Phones4U and the Carphone Warehouse that the N96 will be arriving in about two weeks time in the beginning of October.

While the Carphone Warehouse have already placed the N96 into it’s already launched section, it remains under the coming soon heading on the Phones4U site. Nevertheless, both firms are now already accepting pre-orders!

Here’s just a quick sum up of the N96 to remind you of why we are so excited!

The Nokia N96 mobile phone takes the impressive N95 and makes it even smarter. It has the same clever two-way sliding mechanism as its predecessor, giving you the choice of a conventional keypad or music controls, but there are quite a few changes inside.

The 5 megapixel camera is now linked with the built-in GPS mapping, letting you ‘geotag’ your pictures with location data. You’re able to capture video clips in DVD-like quality at 30 frames per second – and there’s compatibility with a wide range of video playback formats including MPEG-4, Windows Media Video and Flash Video. The Nokia N96 even has a stand on the back for handsfree viewing. Music is also well catered for, with a massive 16GB of expandable storage, 3D stereo speakers and a standard 3.5mm headphone socket. With WiFi and 3G HSDPA connectivity rounding off the package, this is a true multimedia computer.

If you’re interested, you might like to know that the UK networks which will be offering mobile deals for the Nokia N96 will be O2 and Orange.

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