Despite the iPhone not being one of the top radiation emitting mobile devices currently available, there’s no stopping some from salvaging the opportunity to create an accessory with that focus in mind. Pong or Pong Research have created an iPhone case which claims to reduce radiation released by the iPhone by up to 60%.


Frankly the case isn’t one of the best looking ones you can get your hands on, but for those who are concerned and abit pedentic about getting brain cancer, this Pong iPhone case will set you back a hefty $60!

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dicapac_camerasFor those who lived in the warmer parts of the globe, especially those who can enjoy the sun and the beaches throughout the year or for vacationers on the move during the summer months. The Korean made Dicapac promises to turn your old bland digital camera waterproof almost instantly so that you don’t have to worry about your camera suffering water or sand damages whilst taking photos of  loved ones on the beach or at the fun filled water park.

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