Priced at $3,649, some users may think that Panasonic have overdone their sarcasm on this one but as you can see the latest Toughbook 30 is one serious looking laptop. You see what I always think is that not many jobs really warrant someone to need to buy a Toughbook, I mean you wouldn’t have one of these if you just worked in an office all day even though its pretty cool. The main difference from the Toughbook 30 from previous Toughbooks is that this one sports Intel’s Centrino 2 with vPro, expanded memory capabilities, 40 percent longer battery life, larger capacity hard drives and optional SSDs. Full breakdown of specs and gallery after the break…

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Folks at Akihabara have received the latest Panasonic Toughbook F8 Business Rugged Laptop. Although it looks nothing like what you would call slim, they have found it to be surprisingly lightweight. Currently, the SRP is between $2,099 to $2,499.

It does have some fancy, outstanding features, as you can see in the gallery below, it comes in a variety of sizes and two of the larger ones have got its DVD drive ‘built-in’ and opens like a vent, which makes me think that could be a great way to prevent it from overheating! It also has a rather awkward looking handle which allows users to carry it like a suitcase. More pictures in the gallery below…

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