It seems the economic downturn doesn’t affect geeks and gamers like you and me, at least from NVidia’s perspective. Take a look at this 1.5 GB monsterous QuadroFX 4800 Workstation Graphics Card which NVidia has just recently unveiled, complete with a GT200 graphics processor and a sticker price of $1,999. The board features a 602MHz GPU clock speed, 192 stream processors, an 800MHz GDDR3 clock speed, 384-bit memory controller and a PCI Express 2.0 x16 connector. Hit the link to HotHardware below and find out how the 4800 compares with its devilish brother: 5800, which costs as much as $3,499!

NVIDIA's latest QuadroFX 4800 1.5 GB workstation graphics card

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Nvidia Corporation
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NVIDIA has recently announced the ultra-high end NVIDIA Quadro FX 4800, giving professionals the right toolset to dramatically push the boundaries of realism, performance and quality.

Equipped with 192 CUDA parallel computing cores, the Quadro FX 4800 delivers a 2X performance increase over previous generations of ultra-high-end graphics cards.

The Quadro FX 4800 has the capacity to process large textures and frames in real time while providing fill rates of 38 billion texels per second and geometry performance of 300 million triangles per second.

Other features included a single dual-link digital display connector for ultra-high resolution panels of up to 3840 x 2400 at 24Hz, a 128-bit precision graphic pipeline and 32x FSAA for better image clarity and quality.

The NVIDIA Quadro FX 4800 is available today and has a MSRP of $1,999 USD.

For more info, check out this link which will take you directly to NVIDIA…

[via PVC Problog]

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Laptops are made to be mobile, lightweight, handy to use and convenient to carry aren’t they? Well the latest ThinkPad W700 by Lenovo is probably what I would say the opposite of all that. It is large, weighs 3.6 kg, nevermind about the design, it doesn’t look easy to carry around at all…

Lenovo Thinkpad W700 Wacom Tablet Touchpad Laptop

So why have they made a laptop like this? Well the W700 actually features some very hefty hardware which most lightweight laptops would not have, but I can sense that professional photographers and graphics users will love to get their hands on this badboy! Firstly as you can see in the picture, it features a built-in 4.7-inch by 3.2-inch Wacom tablet, which as you can in the photo looks like a massive touchpad though takes up a large amount of space just next to the normal touchpad, is in fact much like one that functions like a digitiser ‘drawing board’. As for the screen it’s no ordinary laptop screen, it’s a 17″ “400 nit” brightness WUXGA screen which has been said to be a very exclusive piece of high quality hardware for professionals. What about the inside? As you would expect, the W700’s inside is just as amazing as its outside, if not more! With a 3GHz Intel Core 2 Extreme quad core processor, 8GB of DDR RAM, two HDD bays, an NVIDIA Quadro M3700 GPU with 1GB of VRAM, a 7-in-1 memory card reader, 5 USB ports, there isn’t much that this laptop cannot do when compared to some of top of the range desktops that you would find on high streets.

Lenovo Thinkpad W700 Wacom Tablet Touchpad Laptop Workstation

In addition to what I’ve just mentioned, you can also have the option to upgrade your W700 with the option to include a Blu-Ray drive and also triple 320GB hard drives for up to 960GB in capacity – now your mobile workstation is all set to go!

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