Though not the best but Panasonic’s newly launched RP – HC700 headphones surely are good at their job. Tests have proved over 95 percent of noise cancellation which is surely an achievement. Though it might not be easy for you to achieve ideal conditions but curbing noise that can be recognized to any limits is surely appreciable.

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You may remember we unboxed a pair of Able Planet Foldable headphones (aka Clear Harmony Foldable with Linx Audio) a few weeks ago. If you missed that previous post, the unboxing gallery of it is here.

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We’ve just unboxed a pair of demo headphones we received on Saturday from Able Planet and thought we’d share some photos here. In full, these are called the ‘Clear Harmony Foldable Active Noise Canceling Headphones’ with a regular online price tag of $99.99, available here. We’ll be testing it out soon

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