Our clothing is getting smarter, and after Bluetooth gloves that can be used as a handset, today we have another pair of gloves that should keep you warm during the harsh winters.

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The latest technology trend spotlight were placed on Chinese researchers at Tsinghua University this week as they have developed super thin carbon nanotubes, 1/1,000th the width of a single human hair, capable of transmitting music and sounds. In laboratory tests, the researchers mounted a thin CNT film onto two electrodes to form a simple loudspeaker. The speaker produced sound with the same excellent quality as conventional loudspeakers, but without magnets and moving components. They also demonstrated that the flexible film could be used just as effectively to play music from an iPod. With such attractive features and functionalities, these latest results and finds in nanotechnology will definitely make it the next most sought after technology to be used in the consumer electronics market, so watch this space!

[via TechLime]

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