You just got to love that OLED display on the Nokia N85, if you’ve watched the video of the N85 we featured recently then you will absolutely enjoy looking at these pics. With a 2.6” Active Matrix OLED display of contrast ratio more than 1:1000, you can easily tell from the pics which phone has got the more attractive screen…

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It has certainly been a long painful wait for us to finally see an unboxing video of the Nokia N96. Just to recap, the Nokia N96 eventually leaked with much speculation back in Dec 2007, previous to that, images of a number of funny mockups were also rumored. We featured a lite bite sized introduction to the phone back in April when it’s specs became more clear and you may be able to recall it already.

The Nokia N96 is a high end phone of the Nokia N Series. Like the N95, it’s got a double slider, 5 MP camera, Quadband, HSDPA, GPRS, EDGE, 16 GB internal memory, not to mention WiFi, bluetooth, etc. For more details, click here

However, we’re not here to review its specs today, today we’re featuring for you it’s unboxing video and if you’re planning on ordering one of these, this is what you might expect to see when yours arrives…

NB: I can now update everyone that we now know the Nokia N96 is expected to arrive and launch here in the UK via both the Carphone Warehouse and the Phones4u next month in October, no exact date available just yet…

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If you remember, we previously featured something almost exactly the same with the Nokia N95. Of course for the iPhone, it gets more sophisticated. In this very similar hack or mod, whatever you like to call it, an application is used, called OSCemote. It’s an application which sends data from the iPhone to a PC and this is done thru WiFi using OpenSoundControl protocol.

The interface of the remote control application if you like, has five buttons, four of them you can use for traditional driving and when you press the last one, it unlocks the accelerometer control of the iPhone in the same way as in many driving games that are currently available on AppStore.

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As most will know, we in the United Kingdom usually get the latest in technology such as mobiles and other devices one step later than those lucky ones from the US so whenever news like this comes up, geeky bloggers like us get quite excited! This latest news just in, the three mobiles as titled have been noted as ‘coming soon’ on the Phones4u website as well as the Carphone Warehouse website. I have to say, even Phones4u which tends not to update as regularly, have decided to put these three phones up on their site, a possible indicator for their potential?

While Phones4u have not commented anything on possible arrival dates, we have managed to find these on the Carphone Warehouse page, here’s a quick list of what should be their expected arrival dates:

Samsung U900 Soul: 23rd April 2008

Sony Ericsson C902: June 2008

Nokia N96: August 2008

For others who may also be interested in upcoming latest phones which may be released in the near future, here’s a list sorted according to arrival month:

May 2008

  • Sony Ericsson T280i
  • Samsung F480
  • Motorola MOTO Z10
  • Nokia N78

June 2008

  • Samsung G810

July 2008

  • Motorola ROKR E8
  • Sony Ericsson G900

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We all know that the Nokia N95 can perform, just recently we showed its ability to act as a remote control for toys but now that Nokia has published a press release that the N95 will be the first mobile phone to gain DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) certification, we would like to show you a video that demonstrates exactly just that:

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Following what we wrote about the Nokia N96 two days ago, we now finally have the real pics of the N96 leaked. It is completely different from the pics we posted two days ago, as you can see below:

Here’s the Nokia N96 for real, though it does look alot like the N81.

New Nokia N96 Mobile Phone

We now know that the N96 doesn’t actually have a 6-megapixel camera like what was being rumoured, instead it’s another 5-megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss lens and dual LED flash. Also it doesn’t appear to be a ‘double slider’ like what was said, it certainly seems alot like the N81!

More pics after the break…

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Nokia N95’s built-in accelerometer really is particularly useful when it comes to controlling gadgets, check out this video after the break where the N95 is used to control what normally is just a radio controlled car!

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