For the GC900 to bare the “Viewty” badge, it needs to live up and improve on the expectations which have been inherited from its highly reputable predecessor, the original Viewty. In this part of our Viewty Smart review, we’ve focused on testing the GC900’s multimedia features and these include music play, video play, camera and also video recording.


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Hey guys, just to follow up the first part of the LG Renoir review which we did before Christmas. In this second part of the review, we’re going to focus on the Renoir’s fantastic 8-megapixel camera and some fun multimedia features. As you will be aware from the specs of the KC910, it comes with 100MB

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You will recall not very long ago, we were sent the fantastically glossy, super lightweight, latest netbook from Dell, the Inspiron Mini 9. It’s taken us some time to review fully in detail, but as you will see in our review below we think Dell has done a great job in bringing us this netbook,

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This guest post was provided by Head over to them to find the best laptop for your needs.

The growing amount of laptops, notebooks and tablets is astonishing. You can witness the evidence at any airport, as security checkpoints continue to slow due to our reliance on mobile technology. Save space, consolidate information and take it all with you — that’s what the laptop is all about. So, how do you know which one is right for your lifestyle?

Buying the laptop that's right for you

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This was a guest post written by the editors of – Laptop Reviews and News

Honestly. Why do we still call them phones? Though they are definite communication devices, users talk less and opt for quicker methods of exchanging information. We could live with out them, but when they offer everything from music to streaming video and restaurant suggestions, why would we?

NTT DoCoMo and Sharp Corporation Combine Forces With Nissan In September 2008, a new partnership of Japanese manufacturers and service providers announced the development of another mobile phone function that will do for the Nissan Auto Corporation and DoCoMo what the iPhone did for AT&T in the United States. NTT DOCOMO and Sharp Corporation have developed a first of its kind mobile phone that also operates as an intelligent key. For future users, this means locking and unlocking an intelligent key enabled Nissan, as well as starting and shutting off the engine — all with the push of a couple buttons on their handset. All companies involved plan to consider the 2009 response when the phone is released commercially, and will move toward potential ventures if the phone is a hit. Potential users, especially those in the market for a new car and a new mobile phone, will likely bite early at the opportunity to own another slice of Japanese technology. DoCoMo was the perfect fit for the venture, being the king of Japanese mobile communications and offering one well executed marketing plan after another, while also serving as a huge opportunity for Sharp. The opportunity is even bigger for Nissan, which has taken a hit with the rest of the auto industry, due to present economical woes. Perhaps Ford or GM should collaborate with AT&T and Apple to see if that doesn’t help turn around wounded and ailing American auto industry.Keeping Up With the Japanese Joneses in the Mobile World When it comes to mobile technology, the U.S. certainly does not have all of the options available in Japan.

While the new Sharp handset is nice to look at and offers innovative functions, how important are these functions? To some extent, you can justify all mobile functions, but by now you’ve probably thought of several scenarios in which you wouldn’t want your cell phone opening your car and starting the engine! Having your cell phone stolen could potentially create a lot more problems. A poor hypothetical situation, but at least a reminder for why we don’t need this technology in the U.S. just yet. Once we can plug a foldable keyboard into our phones as a laptop replacement, then we’ll take the intelligent key technology!

The latest version of Google Maps no longer requires your device to have GPS anymore. It’s now possible to use the application to identify your position while you’re on the go using the cell tower information triangulation.

New Google Map ?My Location?

There is a new feature which is currently still in Beta called My Location. This lets you use the application with or without GPS, giving you an accuracy within 1000m of your location which can actually be quite a vague, unrecognisable if you were travelling somewhere you’ve never been before…

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