The DVR-BZ130 is the latest Mitsubishi digital video recorder (DVR). It comes with a built in 320 GB hard drive, Blu-Ray recorder along with one analog / digital tuner which allows simultaneous recording of two programs. The remote control is also simplified for easy operation. Whats unique is the ‘Auto cut’ feature which removes the commercials in the recordings.


Mitsubishi DVR-BZ130 will be available in Japan from August for 150, 000 Yen ( $1650).

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Here’s a gallery to start off the Monday morning. Japanese tuning experts, Ings have designed a fantastic body kit for the Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 10. It includes a considerable amount of modification least to say new canards, brake ducts, and intercooler shrouds, the bumpers come in either fiberglass or hybrid aero or a combination of urethane and fiberglass. They certainly have done a great job in bringing out a further wow factor for the Lancer!



[via Ings]

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Check out this latest badboy from this year’s LA Auto Show Motorsport 2025 theme, the show itself has been known to be THE show for featuring the most unique and innovative designs from top firms / manufacturers worldwide and rightly so the latest MMR25 Rally Racer concept from Mitsubishi certainly belongs there.

Though it’s only a concept car, it’s been designed to show what rally cars of the future, more specifically 2025 could be like. So bare it in mind as 2025 is not actually that far away, if everything goes well, we might just be able to see this on a rally course (in WRC on tele perhaps?) soon!

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Now this little guy called Wakamaru may not sound or look like the most appealing robot of all, he looks much like some sort of yellow bug in a dress with no legs to me (ok, sorry that’s abit mean 🙁 )but what he has been designed to do certainly compensates for his amphibious looks.

Wakamaru, designed by Toshiyuki Kita and developed by Mitsubishi was primarily intended to provide companionship to elderly and disabled people. The robot is yellow, 1m tall and weighs 30 kilograms. Running on a Linux operating system with multiple microprocessors. Wakamaru can connect to the internet, though he has limited speech (in both male and female voices) and speech recognition abilities. His main functions include reminding his owner / user to take medicine on time and calling for help if he suspects something is wrong.

Because of its wide range of capabilities or ‘cleverness’, the Japanese now think that Wakamaru could also be used within retail stores and supermarkets, shopping malls, where he would be a great handy robot to serve and to greet customers etc…

(NEW YORK) Welcome to the future of shopping. Uniqlo is introducing wakamaru, the first robot ever to be featured in a retail store environment, during the second week of September in their SoHo store. The robot, designed by Toshiyuki Kita and developed by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. gets its name from a famous 12th century warrior. Wakamaru will greet guests, make eye contact, recognize people, have arm movements, lead staff in motivational morning exercises and communicate promotions to customers. “We are very honored that UNIQLO USA and the people of New York City have welcomed wakamaru ” said Ryota Hiura, manager of the wakamaru technical team. “Wakamaru, the crown of our efforts and leading technologies, now needs experience in the real world, which UNIQLO USA will provide. We hope that wakamaru will make many new friends during his stay in New York.”

Check out this video, Wakamaru looks pretty responsive, but the poor little guy looks so sad and desperate to get out of there…

Interested in more technical details? Click here for some official facts…

[via FashionWeekDaily, Wikipedia]

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