Hope everyone is having a good start to the week. Here’s something which we meant to post about but somehow ended up not doing so earlier on this year. Its about Sony’s new Bravia TV range which focuses on being green, eco-friendly as well as power saving.


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Its now finally official, we now know when and exactly how much it will cost to hit the streets of the first installment of GTA IV when its downloadable content comes to the Xbox 360. The date is final – February 17.

Rockstar Games has revealed that The Lost and Damned will set Xbox Live users back 1600 Microsoft Points, which for us in the UK means £13.60 in real world money. It’ll be available to download from 17th February.


The DLC is rumoured to add around 10 hours of extra gameplay, in addition of course to many new weapons and a new biker gang that has a gang of leather-clad minions following you around and levelling up as they survive missions.

So what do you think of the pricing? By the way, the below is the screenshot gallery you guys have been requesting, thanks to GameFAQs.

[nggallery id=51]

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