Much like the Livestation app, which is also a site that provides free live video streaming is now offering an iPhone application completely free of charge. Some differences though, is not only a live interactive video broadcast platform but also allows streaming and watching of user recorded videos, it also features live daily broadcasting of events such as Barack Obama’s inauguration. While this is not the main purpose of Livestation, if you want to watch major channels such as BBC World News, or Bloomberg TV, you should go to Livestation instead.


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You may or may not have heard of Livestation which is a service that brings online users the ability to watch tele on their computer (Windows / Mac OS X /Linux) using their all-in-one software or web based application absolutely free. When you are subscribed, you can watch television streamed directly to your computer, via peer-to-peer, from anywhere that you are able to connect to the internet. And now the folks at Livestation are apparently set to announce an iPhone app that will do the same thing, in other words provide us iPhone users with live TV over WiFi.

However, Livestation have said that it’s still in development right now and no dates are yet available. Another issue is that their app is unlikely to come to 3G due to network related complications. There is no doubt that we’ll soon see streaming TV on the iPhone one way or another, but the qustion is how soon and from who?

[via Inquisitr]

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