Being a huge fan of bikes and eco-friendly products, I managed to sneak off to the bike stand area for some exploration! Pictured below is the A2B Hybrid electric bike by Ultra Motor which comes in black and white paint finish, and I must say these bikes looked fab and very precious. With so much focus on all things electric these days, you might be excited to know that the A2B’s lithium ion battery costs as little as 6 pence to recharge overnight. The A2B’s battery is not difficult to handle at all as it is detachable and can be charged by connecting a cable to any wall socket.


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Many of you will remember this time last week, we were invited to the exclusive launch of the LG Arena KM900 blogger event (here and here!). It was a great chance to be able to see live for the first time how the latest LG S-Class user interface worked on the new LG Arena – a full touchscreen mobile phone which LG has pitched to be “the place to play”. As we begin to see the LG Arena arrive at highstreet retail shops, we take a look at some of the features of the Arena and how it compares to benchmark touchscreen mobiles like the iPhone.

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We decided to sum up some of the best solar gadgets we knew of that either have been designed for or are compatible with the iPhone (2G and 3G) / iPod Touch. We know solar gadgets are very popular these days especially among those who are cautious about being eco-friendly, the environmnet and of course the often talked about CO2 emission. We managed to put into this list five solar gadgets, we did think there

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Which Asian automaker is lagging behind in producing hybrid technology cars? If you guessed Hyundai, you’re absolutely correct. However, the South Korean founded company could just be about to make a big leap, ahead of many of its rivals who are already in the game. Hyundai has recently unveiled their plans for 2010 by showcasing the Hyundai Sonata Hybrid Concept. As you will expect with such great buzz, this isn’t just any old electric motor. Hyundai will be incorporating into it what they are now calling lithium polymer technology, which is different to the lithium ion battery now found in the majority of hybrids.

The end result as claimed is quite impressive, considerable reduction to size (seems like from the video it will be just a tiny bit thicker than a piece of paper). Lightweight, while at the same time providing more energy and better battery efficiency over the long term.

Check out the video below…