This is another creative custom Lego PC mod. You may still remember some of the workable custom Lego gadgets we’ve featured in the past, such as the latest PC mod, Lego Mac Pro, Lego V8 engine, Lego Safe and Lego Playstation. What make this Lego PC special is the fact that the creators have added emotion and feeling into this piece of work (it’s art!). The Lego PC  has many tiny Lego figures surrounding it, actually a house or a lodge of some sort! And inside the actual model, representing a scene of a lively and friendly Lego town is the PC’s hardware. Computer hardware doesn’t feel cold afterall! More Pictures in this post and over at our gallery page.


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Cool Lego gadgets: The Lego Safe

On November 21, 2008, in Gadgets, Geeky, by KLS

If you thought the Lego V8 engine was cool, the Lego Safe is probably one of the best Lego gadgets we have featured here thus far. The Lego Safe is no gimmick and as you will see in the video, it really is a proper safe, don’t let the Lego bricks fool you into thinking that its only a toy. It’s got alot of neat features like digital display, motorised automatic locking and unlocking and closing / opening of the door, motion sensors and believe it or not, it has 30L of internal space for storage!

Put away your valuables in this Lego Mindstorms NXT Safe and nobody ever can get even close to it! This 6,5 Kilogram heavy weight SAFE has an electronic code lock. Five double digit codes are required to open the lock. The dial (left-hand wheel) is direction sensitive. Thus 35 to the left is something else than 35 to the right. Only one out of more than 305 Billion code combinations is unlocking the door!

Enjoy the video…

[via Gadgettastic]

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