Are you the type of computer user who doesn’t really get up to much typing and instead use your computer mainly for entertainment purposes? If that is you, then you might be interested in this new wireless keyboard by Cideko that’s aimed at the so-called media keyboards niche.


While there isn’t yet any official info with regards to specs or pricing, it looks from the pictures a rather small keyboard set. What’s special is that the new Cideko wireless media keyboard also sports a mouse that you can operate in mid air, Cideko are quite good at making odd things happen.


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Cyber Clean‘s Cleaning Compound or cleaning rubber as some might like to call it was demonstrated at The Gadget Show Live this morning and it actually seemed to work quite well! Excellent for cleaning computer keyboards, touch screens and all the places that our dirty fingers would touch without realising all the germs that we leave behind afterwards.


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The latest Google Android phone, the Vodafone HTC Magic doesn’t sport a sliding keyboard, some have felt disappointed about this because on screen keyboards are still no where as fast as proper keyboards when it comes to users who text alot. But from what we can see in this demo video, it doesn’t look like that much of a worry afterall, future improvements will definitely come but it seems at this point it is a neat, reactive keyboard with a bunch of well thought out cool functions (including landscape mode typing!).



Check out the video after the jump…

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So far Apple has avoided doing anything similar to this for the iPhone. This hack done by ubiq, allowed him to use Apple’s wireless keyboard to type in iPhone apps and texts and emails, etc. Making the Apple keyboard a fully functional keyboard for the iPhone and iPod Touch, users however still need to have their devices jailbroken first. Hopefully in the future, other non Apple wireless bluetooth keyboards may also be used which means those who don’t like to buy Apple’s products and accessories won’t need to as they can resort to third party ones!


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